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Suit Button Rules – How To Fasten Your Jacket (Don’t Button The Bottom Button)

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Friday, 31st March, 2023

Suit Button Rules - How To Button Your Jacket

Did you know there are rules for buttoning suits?

Neither did I, but there is.

Luckily the rules are very simple to follow. Once you know, you’ll be looking around at the other guys to see if they’re breaking these rules.

So, what is the simple rule to buttoning a suit?

Blazer And Suit Button Rules

How To Fasten A One Button Suit

If you have a one button suit, you should button it while standing, and have it unbuttoned when sitting.

How To Fasten A Two Button Suit

You should fasten the top button, with the second unbuttoned. You should never have both buttons fastened while wearing a 2 button suit or blazer.

How To Fasten A Three Button Suit

The easiest way to remember the rule on buttoning a suit jacket is: Sometimes – Always – Never.

That means, if you have a 3 button suit, the top button is optional (sometimes), the middle button is fastened, and the last button is never done up.

If you’re in an unlikely event where you’re wearing a suit jacket or blazer with more buttons, the easiest way to remember is that the last button should never be fastened.

Never fasten the last button.

The Correct And Incorrect Way To Fasten A 2 Button Suit

Why Does This Button Rule Exist?

It’s really easy if you think about it. The jacket is pulled together with the middle buttons, so it fits you like it should. The last button is never fastened because it spoils the overall look and fit of the suit.

You should always button the suit in this way while standing.

But what about sitting down…

Suit Buttons While Sitting

You’re likely to be in a situation when you’re sitting down wearing a suit. This could be at a wedding, at a christening or other formal event.

We’ve already established which buttons to fasten, but does that apply to sitting?


When sitting, you should have your jacket open, with no buttons fastened.


You’re suit should be a good fit, but this is when you’re standing. While sitting, it will not fit properly, and so will look bad with the buttons done up.

It may look like it’s popping when you’re seated, not a good look to go for. It will look and feel uncomfortable, so while seated, leave the jacket open.

A small word on double breasted jackets

Double breasted jackets generally look better when they’re always fastened, and are usually worn this way. If you go for the double breasted jacket, keep it fastened.


You should always remember that the last button on your suit jacket or blazer should not be fastened if you’re wearing a two button suit or three button suit. The easiest way to remember this is the Sometimes, Always Never rule, which is explained above.

Whether you’re wearing a suit jacket, blazer or sports coat, you can use these rules to ensure you look your smartest while wearing these clothes.

It’s good suit etiquette to have your suit buttoned while standing, and when sitting unbutton it.

This is the etiquette you can use while at functions such as a wedding, or if you’re wearing a suit at a restaurant.

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