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Black Jeans With Black Shirt: Men’s Style Outfit Idea

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Monday, 24th September, 2018

Men's Style Outfit Ideas - Black Shirt With Black Jeans
Can you own too many black shirts?

You probably can, but I love them. I think I have 4 or 5 now, and this is my latest one, from Mango MAN. I really love the fit of the shirt, it’s a slim fit, and as we know when it comes to style, fit is the all important factor when you want to dress well.

For this outfit, I have gone for one colour, and styled the black shirt with some black jeans.

There’s actually no need to own this many shirts, one would suffice.

But, if you’ve own black shirts, or black clothing of any kind, you’ll know that they can end up looking a little washed out, once you’ve had them for a while and they’ve been through the wash a number of times.

So for this reason, I get myself a couple when I find the fit I like.

I got myself a few shirts from Mango MAN and I loved the fit. I loved them so much I’ve bought a couple more, including this black one. They are premium cotton with just a little bit of stretch.

That gives the shirt a really nice fit, it’s not super tight but not baggy either, and I think this works with my body type.

When it comes to putting an outfit together with a black shirt, almost anything will work, but I really love keeping the colour palette the same and went for my black jeans. The all black style is so sleek and looks smart without even trying.

Black Shirt And Black Jeans Outfit

I don’t need to dress myself taller, but if you’re ever looking for tips on how to give yourself a few extra inches, wearing the same or similar colours on the top and bottom half of your body is the way to do it.

No nasty cutting lines between sections of your body, just one silhouette.

When it comes to the footwear, I’ve gone for brogues, but opted for a different colour. The brown coloured brogues really makes them pop and stand out, and makes the rest of the black stand out too.

I could have completed the look in total darkness and went for black footwear, but I decided on adding just a splash of colour for contrast.

Let me know how you’d style a black shirt, would you go for the black denim, or try something else? You can check out more outfit ideas if you’re looking for inspiration on what to wear today.

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