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Style Of The Week: New Navy Jaeger Suit – How I Style This Outfit

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Friday, 3rd November, 2017

Michael 84 New Jaeger Suit

Hey guys!

I have a few suits…In fact I probably have too many if I’m completely honest, considering I don’t wear a full suit all too often (I love just a blazer or jacket though), I’d say that I possibly have more than I need.

I’ve got all the staple colours covered:

That’s grey, black and blue.

When it comes to blue, I think we can all say that it’s probably the best colour for a suit, and in particular I prefer the darkest of blues, navy, or if you can find something available, midnight blue.

I already own a blue suit, It is navy but it’s kind of light, and I have a marled navy one which is pretty decent too. But the one I’ve been contemplating getting is a really dark navy suit. So finally, I’ve added that to my collection.

I say suit, I was only interested in getting the jacket at first, because I rarely wear the trousers. However I saw this from Jaeger and the trousers were a good deal, so I decided that I’d buy the jacket along with the trousers.

This is because later down the line I may want the trousers, and it would probably be impossible to get them if I waited.

Stylish Suit From Jaeger

So the jacket…For this I got a more fitted style, I went for the modern fit. This is cut closer to the body, but not as close as a slim fit.

I really like this style, it makes the jacket work well with anything from a nice shirt or jumper to something as basic as a T-shirt. (Here’s tips on how to measure your body to get the best fit)

Since it’s a smarter piece and it’s more fitted, it can elevate even a basic tee to give an outfit a smarter edge. Of course it’s 100% wool, and is just a simple plain weave, so is pretty versatile.

That takes my Jaeger jacket collection up to 4 I think; A light grey, charcoal grey, black and now navy jacket. They are really nice quality 🙂

For the shirt, I went for a white shirt option, which is classic. When it comes to footwear, there’s lots of shoes to wear with a blue suit, but for this one, I’ve picked out my black derby shoes.

Navy suit for a night out

Let me know what you think. Of course you can find more men’s outfit ideas on the blog, whether that’s a smart or smart casual style you’re looking for.

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