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Blackwatch Trousers Outfit With Navy Merino Knit Jumper

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Friday, 25th March, 2022

Blackwatch trousers outfit with navy jumper

I finally got myself a pair of blackwatch trousers!

I have been looking for a pair of blackwatch trousers for a long time. I saw a pair a few years ago which I really liked, I didn’t buy them and regretted it. I had never seen another pair that I liked again, until now.

I got this pair of Black watch trousers and I love them. Here’s how I styled them in this outfit, and everything else you need to know.

So the story starts a few years ago. I saw this blackwatch suit which was a blazer and trousers, and I really liked it. I thought that I’d probably only wear it once or maybe twice, so didn’t bother getting it.

Of course it went out of stock, and of course I regretted it.

I’ve had a good look around for quite some time but never managed to find the right pair of blackwatch trousers (or a jacket) that I really like. Then I saw these.

First off I should explain blackwatch if you don’t know what it is. Blackwatch is a tartan pattern which you can see better in my photo below. I love not only the style of the pattern but also the colours. These are dark green, black and dark blue.

But this was the problem.

All of the blackwatch clothing I’ve found over the years weren’t the exact colouring I was looking for. The plain patterns were too green, or too blue, too bright or the pattern was just wrong.

I did find some but they were too expensive, and I know that I’ll only wear these trousers a few times. Or at least that’s what I was thinking.

then there was the sizing. I wanted a slim fit, but they were all regular or just not the right fit I was looking for.

But then I came across these blackwatch trousers at H&M. They are almost exactly what I wanted. I say almost because the fit, or at least advertised fit, wasn’t what I was looking for.

These were advertised as “skinny fit”, but I decided I’d bit the bullet and if worse came to worse I could always send them back. I ordered 1 size bigger than usual, and they came.

They fit pretty well! They’re not as skinny fit as I first imagined, and since I got a size bigger, there is quite a bit of room in them. I am happy with the fit of these, they fit just like a slim fit pair would, but I have that tiny extra bit of room around the waist.

They’re twill 5 pocket trousers too. That’s a kind of denim jean style, which is less formal than a traditional pair of trousers, but I prefer this. I prefer 5-pocket style trousers as they’re cut at the top rather than slanted, so things can’t fall out the pockets as easily.

In terms of length they’re good too. There’s not a lot wrong with these trousers, I really like them.

Blackwatch trousers outfit with white Stan Smith Trainers

What To Wear With Black Watch Trousers

For this outfit I styled the blackwatch trousers with a merino knit jumper in navy blue. I think both dark colours go well, but I was also thinking about a white t-shirt to go with these. I think it will work well, but I’ll leave that combination for when it gets a bit warmer.

To finish off I wore my white Adidas Stan Smith trainers.

So that’s my blackwatch trousers outfit. Let me know what you think of this outfit and blackwatch in general. It’s a pattern which I really like. You can also check out more outfit ideas, where I’ve collected all of my outfit posts with different styles and clothing.

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