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Spain 2020 Training Shirts, Shorts And Jackets Released By Adidas

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Monday, 11th November, 2019

Earlier we saw the Spain 2020 shirt announced, and Adidas have also launched the training gear including shorts, shirts, jackets and other equipment, ready for the Euro 2020 campaign.

Thankfully, a lot of the training gear looks a lot better than the home shirt.

Here’s a look at all the pieces of clothing so far, including T Shirts, tops, jackets, shorts, track bottoms and polo shirts.

It’s usual for the training and presentation clothing to be a different colour. Last time round there was a lot of black and a dark-to-mid blue colour in the clothing. This time round there is a lot of navy, as well as grey and a new green colour.

This is a light pastel mint type of colour, which Adidas are calling Dash Green. I love this. It’s unusual for Spain to wear such a colour, but since this is leisurewear kind of stuff for presentations and training, it’s good to have a change.

Many of the pieces are made from recycled polyester, which Adidas say is to save resources and avoid waste.

First up are these T Shirts and tops. They come in 2 alternative colours, the solid grey colour, along with the dash green (as you can see above)

The long sleeve tops are 3/4 zip tops which look pretty good. They come with a drop hem and three stripes on the sleeves and are a slim fit.  The two T Shirts come with the three stripes on the shoulders, with each side being a different colours.

Next up are the jackets. There’s 4 different jackets, including 2 navy track tops which look incredibly similar. The first is the presentation jacket, which has a higher neckline, and is made from soft, lightweight recycled polyester ripstop.

The second navy jacket is a training track top, full zip and is made from doubleknit polyester.

The grey jacket is another presentation jacket, in the solid grey colour. The red jacket is the anthem jacket, and is seen with the Adidas three stripes running all the way down the jacket arms.

The last pieces are a couple of polo shirts along with some track bottoms and shorts. The Polo shirts are standard, with the tonal Spain bade and Adidas badge in complimenting colour. The train bottoms come in navy which match up with the other pieces, or can be worn with the green which looks really good too.

As for shorts, there’s some training shorts, but there’s also these, which Adidas are calling Downtime shorts. They have pockets, something usual sports shorts don’t have, and come in navy blue.

All pieces are available now.

The Three Stripes

I have to mention the flaw in the design…The trademark Adidas 3 stripes. Those stripes on the long sleeves…What’s going on there? They look terrible!

They don’t actually look like stripes, it just looks like a block design on the front part of the sleeves. Usually Adidas adopts a uniformed look for it’s stripe designs within a collection. Sometimes they’re part of the shoulders, sometimes they’re all the way down the sleeves, and occasionally they’re shorter – And some occasions they’ve been on the sides of the shirt, rather than sleeves.

This time round we can see that Adidas has ditched this universal, uniformed type of look. The red Spain anthem jacket has the yellow stripes going from the absolute top to bottom, something not often seen.

Then the training T-shirts have the stripes occupying the middle of the sleeves, not starting at the top of ending at the bottom, but being somewhere in the middle.

Then there’s those sleeves on the long sleeve tops. The stripes start near the bottom of the sleeves, and go up about 1/4 of the sleeve. They look really bad.

I like the colours and the overall design of the pieces, but those stripes which start at the base and only go up a little way on the long sleeves spoil the design.

Let me know what you think.

p.s. you can also check out the Spain 2020 home goalkeeper shirt which was released too.

Images from Adidas.

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