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My Spain Away Shirt Ready For The 2022 World Cup – I Finally Got It

Wednesday, 23rd November, 2022

Spain Away Shirt 2022 By Adidas Worn By Michael 84

I left this one pretty late, but I finally got the Spain away shirt for the 2022 World Cup.

I am so happy with it, it looks really cool and I have it right in time to wear while watching the games.

Here’s everything you need to know.

As you’ll have already seen, I got the Spain 2022 home shirt and posted it a few days ago. For that shirt I was able to get a good deal on the authentic version.

Since this is just the away shirt, I decided on getting just the standard replica shirt, which I’ve usually been buying over the years.

First off I should talk about the design. Adidas say that it’s inspired from the art deco style which was present in the 1982 World Cup which was in Spain.

I really like the design, it’s always good to have something different and unique, and this pattern is definitely that.

When it comes to the badges, they’re positioned down the centre. This isn’t something which I really like.

When Adidas announced the World Cup shirts a lot of them had this orientation of the logos for at least one of their shirts, home or away. Spain’s home shirt has the traditional placement, but the away has the badges down the middle.

This looks fine as it is, but when the players need to add their number to the front, this is usually done to the left or right, which makes the shirts look unbalanced.

Spain Away Shirt 2022 By Adidas Worn By Michael 84 Close Up

Speaking of the badges, the Spain crest is the new design as seen on the home shirt. It’s also a heat deal, just like the home shirt.

The difference between this and the players authentic version is that the Adidas logo is embroidered on to the shirt. The stripes down the shoulders are also stitched rather than being heat deals.

As for the fit, it’s said to be slim fit, and I think it fits fine. I wouldn’t say it’s ultra slim, there’s plenty of room, but it’s a bit more of a closer cut than a regular looser fit football shirt.

Spain play against Costa Rica today, I am not sure which game(s) they’ll wear this blue away shirt in, but I think it makes sense wearing it today.

How are you enjoying the football?

So far the World Cup has seemed a bit strange, it doesn’t feel the same. It’s the first Spain game today so maybe it will make it more real.

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