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Spain ’96 Shirt Adidas Reissue – Here’s What It’s Like & Comparison To The 1996 Original

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Saturday, 15th June, 2024

1996 Spain Shirt Reissue By Adidas Review

It’s Euro 2024 and the first game for Spain who play Croatia later today. I usually get the Spain shirts home and away, but this year I have gone for something different for the opening game.

I got myself the Spain 1996 Shirt by Adidas, the reissue shirt that’s the original shirt Spain wore in Euro 96. I had the original back in 1996, and in fact I still have it.

Here’s everything you need to know about the shirt including the fit, and how it compares to the original.

The Adidas Spain 1996 Reissue Shirt – Details

First off the design. I have always loved it, as do many others, and it’s one of my all time favourite Spain home shirts.

It’s popularity is likely the reason it’s made a comeback over any of the other shirts, even though Euro 96 wasn’t too successful for Spain (yeah yeah, England beat Spain on penalties!).

Close up of the Spain flag sleeve detailing

Close up photo of the Spain badge and Spain flag on the sleeve detail.

It’s mostly red, with the left sleeve being navy blue, and three stripes of red, yellow and red, the Spain flag colours.

It comes with a grandad collar in navy, the same style collar as many Adidas shirts did back in the 1995-97 era, with a 3 button placket.

Close up of the front of the Spain shirt

Close up photo of the front of the Spain shirt

All of the details are there. From the old RFEF Spain logos embossed into the fabric to the Spain flag on the sleeve, and Federation badges patch on the bottom front of the shirt.

Close up of the back of the Spain shirt

Close up photo of the back of the Spain shirt.

The back nape also has badge detailing, just like the original.

It’s made of a jacquard polyester, and feels exactly like the original. It’s not got that silky feel of the modern shirts, which is something I like, as I do like the original more robust feeling.

The Fit

First off this is described as a loose fit shirt. I bought it online without trying it, so with that info I decided on getting a small.

I have the Spain Icons GK Shirt as well as the Germany and Mexico ones, and they are pretty baggy.

When it comes to the Spain reissue shirt, I think the sizing is virtually spot on from the original. That is, it’s quite loose in the arms, but in the chest I’d say it’s only slightly loose.

When it comes to the length, it’s shorter than I expected, but not so short that it’s a huge deal.

This is the same as my original, which is also fairly short in comparison to football shirts of today.

Adidas Spain 96 Reissue vs Original Spain 96 Shirt – Differences

Adidas Spain Shirt Original 1996 Shirt vs Reissue Differences

I am lucky that I still have my original Spain shirt that I got in 1996, 28 years ago! I remember getting this top, and I actually bought it while I was in Spain from a large department store, so it’s as authentic as can be.

I have to say that the reissue in comparison to the original is almost identical. In fact, the reissue is better in many ways.

Here’s why.

As you may notice, my original Spain shirt has the Adidas logo ever so slightly off centre. This isn’t something I ever noticed until I put it side by side the reissue.

It goes to show that quality control is so much better these days, and the mass production processes are likely so much better too. I’ve seen other originals where the Adidas logo is more centred, and some are like mine, slightly off centre.

Another thing I noticed was the grandad collar stitching. My original shirt has double stitching, whereas the reissue only has one.

However, the one stitch looks a lot more clean, this is probably another nod to a more modern manufacturing process.

Holding up my original 1996 shirt and wearing the reissue

Wearing the brand new Reissue, and holding up my original 1996 shirt

Finally the badge on the shirt. The original has some stitched zig-zag style lines in the column where there should be text. The reissue shirt has the Plvs Vltra aka Plus Ultra on the columns of the badge.

This is likely due to it being too intricate of a design to have the Plvs Vltra wording stitched so small in the badge at the time.

There could be other small differences, but I cannot see them. Basically, it’s an incredible reissue with every detail re-created for this masterpiece. Both the look and feel are fantastic.


I absolutely love the original shirt, but since this is over 28 years old, it’s so great to get a refresh.

The reissue is more than a capable replacement for the shirt, and is an almost exact replica from the original, in a few ways it’s better as described above.

This is definitely worth owning, I can and will wear this a lot with it being a reissue, without the feeling of needing to keep it in pristine condition.

I’m looking forward to seeing more reissues, namely a Newcastle 1996 from Adidas 😉

Until then, I’ll enjoy wearing this for Euro 2024 and beyond. I am sure it will last another 28 years!

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