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Adidas Bring Back Adibreak Adicolor Mesh Jersey 90’s Vibes & They’re Brilliant

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Friday, 19th April, 2024

Adidas Adibreak Adicolour Collection For Spring Summer 2024

I was browsing the Adidas site last week and discovered that they have bought back some of my favourite 90’s clothing. The Adidas Adibreak Adicolor collection for Spring Summer 2024 has arrived, and it brings back so many memories.

These are the key pieces that you need to know about, and everything you want to know about them.

For years I have been wanting Adidas to re-release a t-shirt which I bought back in the 90’s. The only way to describe it was it was a mesh jersey, with pure 90’s style, and inspired by American sports.

I had one of these jersey’s back in the 90’s, it must have been around 1998. They are popular with vintage sellers and collectors, but as you can imagine, a piece of clothing over 25 years old has had it’s shares of wear and tear.

Over the past few years Adidas bought back some styles, they renamed the collections the Adibreak, naming them because of the press stud openings on the joggers (we called them Adidas Poppers back in the day).

For Spring/Summer 2024 they have bought back my favourite jersey, the Adidas Originals mesh jersey which I had as a kid. It’s not exactly the same, I had a slightly different colour and some of the detailing is different.

But it’s close, and I am excited that it’s back.

Here’s a closer look at what’s been released so far.

Adidas Adibreak Mesh Jersey

Adidas Adibreak Adicolour Mesh Jerseys

This is one of my favourite ever pieces of Adidas clothing. You’d probably call this streetwear now, but back in ’98 there was no such word.

The mesh jersey was so good to wear in the summer on holiday, it was hot but the holes really kept you cool. The styling is so good, with the drop tail at the back, the Adidas wording to the front and Adidas three stripes on the back too.

It’s available in two colours: Navy with white and yellow along with Black with grey and red. You can pick it up for £50.

Adicolor Adibreak Shorts

Adidas Adibreak Adicolour Shorts

To go with the jersey, there’s the matching shorts.

The styling is the same as back in the 90’s, and they still look good. The colours are the same as the jerseys, and the press stud sides give off 90’s vibes.

I had a pair of these when I was a kid, I loved them, and glad they’re back.

These come in at £45 each.

Adicolor Adibreak Joggers

Adidas Adibreak Adicolour Joggers

If you want something longer on your legs, the joggers are here too. Once again they’re the same style as the jersey and shorts, but with the longer length trousers.

They have the press stud opening, and of course that taping down the side which really make these what they are.

These come in at £65.

Adicolor Adibreak Hoodie

Adidas Adibreak Adicolour Hoodies

New for this year, we didn’t really do hoodies back in the 90’s, but Adidas has given this collection a hoodie to match.

Looking forward to the summer, it’s an item of clothing I’m not immedately looking at, but if I were in the market for a hoodie, it would be top of the list.

The two hoodies are available for £75 each.

Adicolor Adibreak Track Jacket

Adidas Adibreak Adicolour Track Jackets

I love a good track jacket, and of course there is an Adibreak track jacket available from this collection. The taping down the sleeves makes this what it is, which comes with press studs too.

The stand out track jacket comes in at £75.

Adicolor Adibreak T Shirt

Adidas Adibreak T Shirts

Finally from the Adibreak collection is the t-shirts. These come in 100% cotton and make a great addition to the line up. At only £30, they are a bargain, and something to wear to compliment the shorts or joggers if you want a classic tee.

Adicolor T Shirts

Adidas Adicolor T Shirts In Black And White

I have had to include the Adicolor T Shirts in the mix too. These are almost the same as what I had as a kid, a 100% polyester t-shirt with the Adidas wordmark and trefoil logo on the front of the tee.

They scream out 90’s sports style, with these being available in 5 different colours, including black and white.

Pick up these for £35 each.

What I love about the Adibreak line is the trademark that is the design. The front has the Adidas wordmark in a distinctive style, the Adidas font in a box logo style.

This is combined with the design to the back of the garments, which reads Adidas The Brand With Three Stripes.

On the originals from the 90’s this was a lot bigger, and these re-releases it seems Adidas has gone a little smaller on the rear logo. This isn’t the end of the world or a deal breaker, but it’s just a tiny detail which I wish they had of kept true.

You can pick up all of these at Adidas here.

Will you be picking up any of these for the summer?

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