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Monday, 19th December, 2016

MEN: What To Wear On New Years Eve – Stylish Outfit Ideas


If there’s one event of the year you’re going to get dressed up on, it’s probably going to be New Years Eve. Lots of people like to do various things, and if you’re heading for a party, then it could be the perfect time to look your best, and dress up for the occasion. It doesn’t always have to be that way, and will depend on what you’re actually doing, and where you plan on going for New Years Eve. What you wear may be the same time of style as what to wear for your Christmas Party, and not going to include your best Christmas jumpers, so looking the part is key. Here’s a few ideas to ensure you look the part for the night and getting your style right going into the New Year.

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Monday, 5th December, 2016

Cashmere Jumpers & Knits – Are They Worth The Money?


If you don’t own any cashmere you’ve probably heard of it, and you probably also associate as a soft and expensive wool, which it is. If you’re a regular reader of Michael 84 then you’ll know I love cashmere, I own a couple of cashmere jumpers and think they’re great. But here’s the question, Are cashmere jumpers, knits and other wooly fashion and wears, worth the high price tag?

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Friday, 25th November, 2016

The Best Christmas Jumpers This Year


Over the years I’ve loved my Christmas jumpers, and have quite the collection from my Christmas Jumpers 2015 and 2014, and this year will be no different. It seems there’s more and more jumpers on sale, from the absolute novelty to the verging on stylish, there’s a pattern or design for you. The ultimate in cheesy Christmas themed knits, or something a bit more toned down with a seasonal fair isle sweater.

Christmas Jumper Day 2016

Christmas Jumper Day is Friday 16th December this year, where you can not only wear a brilliant novelty jumper, but also you can donate to Save The Children if you want to show your support to the charity.

There’s plenty to choose from, here are my favourites from different brands and shops; From budget to premium, there’s one for everyone 🙂

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Monday, 21st November, 2016

What To Wear To Your Office Christmas Party – Men


Party season is upon us, and there’s no doubt that you’ll be going to an office party or two over the festive period. Dressing the part and knowing what to wear can sometimes be a tricky issue, should you go super formal or super casual, or somewhere in-between? Here’s some tips and advice along with some inspiration to get you going on deciding what to wear at your office party.

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Monday, 24th October, 2016

Men’s Fashion Tips – Winter Coat & Jacket Buying Guide

Canada Goose Jackets For Winter


Brrr it’s getting cold in ‘ere! Winter is here, or coming, depending on where in the world you live and when you’re reading this post 😉 One way or another you’ll be experiencing the depths of winter sometime soon, so you’ll need a winter coat or jacket to get you through a few horrible months of the miserable British winter weather.

Buying a good winter coat is not only important for the first year you purchase it, but it can become a good investment piece, lasting a good few winters before you need to splash out and buy another. With that said, investing in a good jacket is not only worth it because you’ll be getting much better quality which will be noticeable when you wear it, as well as it lasting longer than a cheap and cheerful coat.

My winter coat and jacket collection has grown over the past few years, and I have quite a few of the bases covered with quite the selection, including my Pull and Bear Parka, Barbour Chelsea Quilted Jacket, Adrian Hammond padded jacket and of course the daddy of them all, my Canada Goose.

The Canada Goose Is Hands Down The Best – Buy One!

I would love to advise you to go out and spend near £600 on a Canada Goose jacket, but things are not that simple. In my opinion if you need a coat for a harsh winter there is simply no better than a Canada Goose. I got a Chilliwack Parka a few years ago, and it was a godsend for 2 bad winters we had. It does come with a few problems in the UK though. For example, last winter was so mild I never actually wore it! They are amazing for harsh weather, and if it’s freezing cold, if there’s wind chill, or if it’s snowing, then wearing one will keep you toasty. However if it’s a mild winter and not really sub-zero temperatures, you’ll literally be sweating in one; They are not really designed for mildly-cold winters. There’s the price too, at around £600 it is rather expensive.

So what are the other bits of fashion advice  when looking to buy a winter coat this year? Well there are a few options, and I will go into the different styles of jackets which are available at the moment.

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Saturday, 8th October, 2016

Men’s Fashion Tips – Knitwear And Jumpers Guide For Autumn/Winter

Street Style at Michael 84


Autumn is here and Winter is here, so that can only mean layering and getting some knitwear and jumpers for the upcoming season. I love knitwear and jumpers, there is a huge variety of styles, colours, patterns and fabrics to buy, and you can create a great deal of different looks, depending on the style you would like to go for. I will showcase 10 of the biggest brands and fashion labels, from the more modest and budget friendly end of the high street, to some higher end brands and fabrics. You’ll find  some advice and tips on what to look out for when choosing your knits for this autumn and winter.

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Monday, 19th September, 2016

What Is Selvedge Denim? An Introduction & Brief Guide


A term you may or may not have heard when buying jeans is selvedge and selvedge denim, but what does it mean? If you’ve read my blog, you’ll know I love this type of denim, own a few pair of jeans which are selvedge, and it’s been my preference for a number of years.

What Is Selvedge Denim?

Selvedge simply means Self Edge. It’s all to do with the way that denim is manufactured, and the type of looms which are used. Shuttle Looms are what are used when making selvedge denim. They produce tighter woven strips of fabric, which are self-finished which prevents fraying, curling or unravelling. Shuttle Looms are not as economical and slower than their counter part, so unflavoured for mass producing denim. Their counterpart is projectile looms, mass production is a lot faster and cheaper, it is unfinished and frayed until it’s stitched, usually using an overlock stitch.


Is Selvedge Denim Better Than Regular Denim?

Usually, yes. Since the whole process is more time consuming and expensive, the quality of a pair of selvedge denim jeans is usually higher. However this is not always the case. Quality is quite subjective, there are other things to take into consideration, such as the fit, weight and quality of the overall finish of the final product. I picked up a pair of H&M Selvedge jeans which I thought were brilliant quality, not only for their cheap price, but were probably better than a more prestigious pair of non-selvedge jeans. When you pair up selvedge with a good brand like Nudie Jeans, great things happen. My Nudie Selvedge Jeans are one of my favourite pairs of denim, they’re premium and will last a hell of a long time.

I say usually, because there can be exceptions to that rule. It had a bit of a resurgence, a lot of high street and budget brands are showcasing their offerings. I tried out a pair from ASOS and was not impressed at all. At £40 they were on the low end of denim of any kind, but when you hear the word selvedge you think of luxury, and these were definitely not that. I have plenty of plain old regular denim which were better quality, fit, feel and finish than those.

Is Selvedge Denim The Same As Raw Denim?

No. Raw denim, which is sometimes called dry denim, is exactly what it sounds like. It’s when the denim has not gone through a wash or been treated, and when you buy it from the shop and get it home, it’s pure, raw, and will evolve over time. A lot of denim connoisseurs love dry denim because it’s like owning a living piece of fashion; It will change over time depending on your own personal usage, and you can wash it whenever you like, which should be something like 6-12 months after you’ve worn them in.

The opposite of this is washed denim. This process means that they’re already had some dye taken out through the wash, they’ll have shrunk a little bit, and by the time you get them home they’ll probably remain much the same in their lifetime; There may be changes, but these will be far smaller and less noticeable than raw denim.

Selvedge denim can be used in either raw or washed pairs of jeans. I personally own a pair of washed denim from PRPS, and I really like them as a smart pair of jeans. Dry denim is quite coveted, but is harsh, and takes a while to break in, and even then may never become as soft as washed denim, so personal preference can take precedence in this case.


Not All Selvedge Is The Same

As mentioned above, not all selvedge denim is the same, just like everything else you can get good and bad from different brands and menswear fashion labels. There’s different denim from different places, with Japanese being touted as one of the more premium.

Don’t Forget The Weight And Fit

Selvedge denim is just the raw material used to create the jeans, you’ve also got to think about the fit and weight of the denim. Denim weight varies a lot, and can be considered one aspect of quality, but it comes down to preference too. The weight is usually measured in oz per square yard, so more is heavier. A pair of light jeans will be under 12oz, with 12-16oz mid-weight and everything above that, 16-32 very heavy weight. You’ll usually find a pair of jeans being 11 – 16oz, and most brands do not advertise the weight of their denim.


How Do I Know If It’s Selvedge?

The most obvious way is to roll up the leg and see if you can see the strip. A common name for this is red line selvedge, because of the red thread which you can see in the strip, although the colour can be different, red line is widely used. If you own a pair it’s fashionable to turn up your jeans and show off your selvedge, with this known, a lot of jean makers create there selvedge jeans with longer legs, in anticipation that they’ll be rolled up.


I love selvedge denim, and I think that everyone should experience a really good pair of jeans. It’s one item of clothing that you should wear quite a lot of, the same as a favourite jacket or pair of shoes, and can last a number of years. Good selvedge denim is usually expensive, but it should be seen as an investment because of it’s longevity and timelessness. Don’t forget to check out my five pair of denim you need guide, and feel free to check out more fashion tips to see what you need to go with your selvedge denim.

Favourite Brands & Shopping List

There’s a lot of brands which do selvedge denim, you can visit your favourite brick and motor shops or online sites for brands, or go to their official sites and check out their offerings for the season. Here are a couple of the big names:

Denim Brands

Nudie Jeans






Online Stores


MR Porter