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How To Get Ready For A Lads Night Out – Step By Step Style Guide Before Leaving The House

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Friday, 28th January, 2022

How To Get Read For A Lads Night Out

Once a week, twice a week, once a month…It doesn’t matter how often you do it, if there’s one thing every guy needs, it’s a lads night out.

But the question is:

What do you wear for a night out with the lads?

How do you get ready for a boys night out?

They’ve been going since the dawn of time, and should never end. Getting ready for the big night out is always something you should be thinking about. Being prepared early is the key to making sure you get the night off with a bang.

If you’re terrible at organisation, here’s some tips you can use. These will make sure that when the time comes to head out, you’re ready and set for an epic night out with the boys.

1. Pre-Preparation For Setting The Right Tone

Deciding what you’re going to wear will depend very much on what your lads night out looks like.

Is it the traditional having it large, going to bars and then a nightclub, are you off out for a curry or to a restaurant, or just to see a film? Is it a smart formal affair or more casual?

Whatever it may be, make sure you know what the night entails before deciding what to wear.

2. Pick Your Outfit

Once you know what you’re doing, you should decide what to wear.

You should think about the outfit pretty early on before you’re heading out. It could be the day before, or even sooner, depending on how confident you are with your wardrobe.

You should pick out your clothes, and make sure you can put them all together in an outfit, and you look the part.

When going in your wardrobe you may think you need to go shopping for a new item, or may just want to freshen up your look.

From your favourite going out shirt to a smart tee, jacket, pair of jeans or suit. Whatever you pick out, make sure you’re happy with your choice, and it matches the occasion.

Picking out the right footwear is important too. Are you going for smart shoes, casual shoes or smart trainers?

There’s a lot of essential footwear you could wear, and the choice will depend on the occasion, as well as the outfit.

Last but not least, make sure your underwear and socks are on point! They should be clean, and no holes in your socks.

For a more in depth guide, check out the what to wear to a club if you’re looking for a deep dive on what to wear for every type of club.

Navy suit for a night out

3. Make Sure Your Clothes Are Clean

Have you ever noticed that sometimes a white shirt can go a bit discoloured over time? They sure can.

Once you’ve picked out what you’re going to wear, make sure they’re clean, and if they’re not, put them in the wash. This shouldn’t be much of an issue as we all wash our clothes, but it’s something which shouldn’t go overlooked.

4. Try Your Clothes On

Have you ever tried on your clothes and realise they don’t fit, or at least fit like you want them too?

We’ve all been there. It could be they’ve shrunk in the wash, we’ve put on a little weight or lost some pounds.

As we know, the fit is important, so trying on your clothes as soon as you can is a must.

Look in the mirror, it will give you an idea of how you’ll look on the night. We’ve all thought pairing a few pieces would look epic, only to find when we actually put them on it doesn’t look as we thought.

Trying on things will show you exactly how you’ll look, and if you want to swap anything out, you’ll still have plenty of time to do so.

5. Iron Your Clothes

Once you’ve picked out your wears, it’s time to iron them. When it comes to denim, you don’t need to iron, but almost everything else, from T-shirts to shirts, you want to be crispy fresh, no creases and look spanking new.

Deodorant, body wash and face wash for your kit

6. Be Clean – Have A Shower

So you’ve now got your clothing sorted, it’s time for you. Get a wash.

Have a shower, and make sure you’ve cleaned everywhere, from washing your hair to being clean, head to toe.

When it comes to shower gel and body wash, my preferences for a night out is fragrance-free. You’ll get your scent from a bottle of cologne which we’ll get on to later.

7. Don’t Forget The Deodorant

You should be putting on antiperspirant or deodorant as soon as you’ve dried off from the shower.

Give it time to work, and don’t forget it. It’s particularly important in the Summer, but should always be used. Nobody likes sweaty people.

8. Do The Grooming – Have A Shave

For me, there’s no rhyme or reason when to have a shave in terms of the order. Some will have one before the rest of their grooming regime, and some will leave it until last.

Personally, I favour having a shave first, getting it done and out of the way. And I always apply my favourite post-shave balm keeping my skin smooth.

If you’re clean shaven, make sure this is done. If you’ve got a bit of a beard going on, make sure it’s well maintained and looking fresh.

The best fragrances for a boys night out

9. Pick Out A Fragrance

Now is the time to pick out the perfect fragrance. If you’re going to bars and clubbing, you might want to wear an attractive men’s fragrance.

If it’s something a little more formal or casual, a clean or fresh scent may do the trick.

10. Put On Your Chosen Outfit

Now is the time to get ready, and put on your clothes. Almost everything is now done, you’re all set to get ready, look stylish and put on your chosen outfit.

11. Style Your Hair

The last step to the regime is styling your hair. Why is this last? Putting on hair product can get messy and you want it set.

Doing your hair and then putting clothes over your styled do is going to mess up your hair as well as your clothing. Once you’re ready, then it’s on to the hair.

12. Make Sure Your Shoes Are Clean

After all that effort, it would be a real let down if your shoes weren’t clean. Wear the best shoes for the occasion, but before you put those on, it’s time to give them a little clean up.

Get out the shoe polish and buff them until they’re spotless. People, especially the ladies, will notice if you’ve not got clean shoes on.

13. Don’t Forget Your Daily Essentials

Imagine running out the door and then you’ve forgot something, that’s a nightmare situation.

Double check you have everything you need before leaving.

That means cash and/or cards, ID if you look as young as I apparently do, any accessories such as a watch, and of course your house keys to get back in.

Head Out & Have Fun

Clothing, check. Grooming, check. Essentials, check. That seems to be everything, and now it’s time to head on out and have a laugh with your mates.

On That Note

It may seem like a lot of prep work before going out, but taking care of a few things before you go out will leave you stress free, and ready to go when you need to be.

Gentleman, it’s a lads night out, time for you to step out and make it a night to remember.

You can check out more fashion tips and advice if you’re looking for what to wear or how to style your clothing for your daily life or for that special occasion.

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