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Outfit Of The Day – Wearing My New Pangaia Bomber Jacket

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Monday, 24th January, 2022

Pangaia Sweatshirt Jacket Review

I have joined the Pangaia gang! I recently bought my first piece of clothing from the Pangaia brand, a company I have been following for a while now.

I got a bomber jacket, it’s black and here it is.

If you’ve ever wondered about the brand in terms of quality, fit and everything else, here’s what you need to know.

First off a mini story about the brand if you’ve not heard of them. They describe themselves as a materials science company rather than a clothing brand, which should immediately intrigue you.

But when it does come to the clothing, they specialise in premium basics they are not only good, but environmentally friendly. You’ll know I love premium basics, I own so many from a range of brands.

When it comes to comfy clothes to wear at home, Pangaia is such a good brand to go to for their wears. They have clothing for all your comfort needs – Hoodies, tees, sweatshirts & joggers, everything.

The two design features that they are known for are the bright and colourful clothing they do, along with the design. You might have seen the small slogan text message displayed on their stuff.

My jacket states: This jacket is coloured with an environmentally friendly dye, created using a recycled water system. The fabric is made from organic cotton.

There were a few colours available, with the bright and bold colours being a big draw. But I went for a more toned down look, and got this jacket in black.

The Quality Of The Pangaia Bomber Jacket

The quality of this Pangaia bomber jacket is so good. The fabric is midweight but feels quite thick, and is a loopback style (read my sweatshirt guide on what that means).

I love loopback fabric, I prefer this interior to a fleece backed style. It feels much nicer to wear.

The jacket is also super soft to touch, and very smooth while feeling thick but still fairly light.

Pangaia Jacket Fit

Pangaia clothing is supposed to be baggy and loose fitting. It’s relaxed clothing, which I was aware of when I bought it.

Trying on the jacket at first was easy, and I was very happy with the overall fit. Then I noticed the arms, they are huge!

This is the style of the jacket, so I cannot complain too much, but my initial thoughts were that this is very oversized. The rest of the jacket in terms of the chest and waist are perfect for myself, but the sleeves are very wide.

When & Where To Wear The Bomber Jacket

When I first saw the jacket, I wanted to wear it as an outer piece when the temperatures go up. I think it will make a brilliant outer layer, even though it’s supposed to be used for layering.

I love bomber jackets as a spring/summer/autumn type of jacket when the temperatures aren’t too cold. I usually wear mine both as a casual piece and a smart-casual piece of clothing.

The sleeves kind of put this more into the casual setting, which is of course by design. If I could make the jacket perfect I would make the sleeves more fitting, but to be fair that is not the design.

I’ll likely still wear this as an outer layer in the coming months, but as a more casual piece. It will make a great day to day jacket, or even as a layer for a casual outfit as it’s intended.

I don’t think I will be able to pull this off as a smart-casual jacket, which is what I originally had in mind.

Is Pangaia Any Good?

I love this bomber jacket. The fit is good with the oversized sleeves being a bit of a surprise, but something I can live with. The quality is also very good, so I have no complaints there.

I feel the jacket is going to be more versatile in my outfits. Originally in my mind I was wearing it as a smart casual jacket, but as I have tried it out, it will be more of a casual jacket, but also works as a layering piece to which I can wear a coat over.

I may even get another!

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