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Sliders And Socks – Fashion Faux Pas Turned Into A Fashionable Style Trend

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Monday, 24th August, 2020

Should you wear sliders and socks?

The answer should be no, and always no. I have never liked this combination, and it has quite a strange history, especially in the UK or particular Europe.

But one of the biggest talked about styles in fashion in recent times has been wearing sandals or sliders with socks. The same question comes around mostly in the summer every year…

Can you wear socks with sliders?

Here’s what you need to know.

Socks And Sandals: On Holiday In The 90s

Going on holiday to Spain and other European resorts was an exciting time in the 90s. I loved mixing with different nationalities and still do. One obvious thing set us apart: The language. But there was also another: The way we dress.

One item of clothing really set apart the Brits and other Western and Northern European holidaymakers, it was flip flops and sandals. Not what they were, but how they were worn. The Europeans would wear sandals with socks! Yes, socks!

We always used to wonder why, and how strange this was. Sandals and flip flops are open footwear, and you want to wear them with socks!? This seemed crazy. It became a trademark look, Brits did not wear sandals with socks.

Fast forward to today, and things have changed quite a bit.

Sliders & Socks: The UK’s Mainstream Summer Fashion Trend

It is now considered fashionable in the mainstream, even cool by some, to wear sliders with socks. Sliders and sandals are the same, with flip flops being slightly different.

Side Note: The difference between sliders and flip flops is that a flip flop has a toe bar or T-Bar. This usually separates your big toe from the rest, and you can use it to grip. A slider has a completely open front with a strap (sometimes 2 or more straps).

Sliders are seen as the more modern and fashionable version of the footwear. Basically, you can think of them as the most ultra casual pair of footwear you’ll own.

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Where Can You Wear Sliders?

Usually for guys, flip flops are for the pool and the beach, and every other piece of footwear imaginable is for everything thing else. But where does the slider fit in?

Sliders are casual footwear. Guys will now wear them around the house, even going to the shop or casually going around town.

Wearing sliders with socks around the house can be excused. If you’ve just come in from outside and you’re wearing socks, maybe it can make sense wearing them with sliders to chill at home.

Walking home from the gym could be another place. You’ll also want to wear them on holiday, but since it’s red hot, you’ll likely not be wearing them with socks.

It’s really strange that guys are now walking around with shoes without socks (or appearing like they’ve got no socks) and sliders with socks.

Wearing socks with sliders has been a contentious fashion trend, and is a personal choice. If you’re confident you can pull it off. Style them with a pair of sports socks and shorts and you’ll be good to go.

What To Wear With Sliders

Since they are a casual piece of footwear, you should wear casual clothing with sliders and socks.

Wearing joggers with sliders is a good combination. The joggers trend has been growing in recent years, and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere soon. Team up sliders, socks and joggers with a t-shirt or sweatshirt for the ultimate in casual outfits.

Another obvious choice for the summer is shorts. There’s plenty of shorts to wear, you can check out the different types of shorts you can wear here. For the best style to pick, you should choose a pair which goes with your outfit. Sweat shorts can be good, as can a pair of chino shorts.

If you are wearing shorts you should also remember how to wear socks and shorts together. It’s not a hard concept to master, but knowing this will make sure you’ll looking as fresh and possible.

Sports socks are the best choice if you’re going to wear socks with sliders. You can team up branded socks with the same label sliders to create an on brand look. A pair of Nike socks with Nike sliders will work well.

Trainer socks or liners would not be a good choice in this situation. These are usually worn when you want to appear to not be wearing socks, so are not right to wear with sliders.

Outfit Idea

  • Sporty T Shirt
  • Casual Shorts
  • Sports Socks
  • Sliders

With that said, it is possible to pull off the socks with sliders trend. It comes down to personal choice, do you want to wear socks with sliders or not?

When it comes to sliders and sandals, I have to mention the Nike Air Max 90 Slide. I am not much of a fan of sliders with or without socks, however I am a huge fan of Air Max.

What happens with you marry up sliders and a pair of Air Max? This is the result, and I love them.

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