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H&M Blank Staples For Autumn 2020 – Wardrobe Essentials

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Monday, 14th September, 2020

H&M have launched a new line of basics this Autumn which look and sound great. They’re calling this mini collection Blank Staples, and I love it.

Here’s everything you need to know about these pieces of easy to wear casual clothing.

H&M have released this very small 20 piece collection of basics for Autumn which looks incredible. They’re basics, but they’re anything but basic in terms of materials used.

There are 5 items of clothing in the line, each coming in 4 colours perfect for Autumn. The pieces are a t-shirt, long sleeve tee, sweatshirt, hoodies and pair of cotton joggers. They might just look like any old basic, but in fact they’re not.

If you’re looking for wardrobe essentials right now, these have to be considered.

Hoodies, Sweatshirts & Joggers

These clothes are made using premium and heavier than normal fabrics which will feel rich to touch. If you’re looking for something to wear in Autumn, these are something you need to take a look at.

The hoodie, sweatshirt and cotton joggers are made from a heavy 460g cotton sweatshirt fabric. Now, most people will see that number and not really know what it means, because the weights of fabrics are not usually spoken about.

A typical sweatshirt will be anything from 270-350g, with most of them being at the lower end of the scale. A summer sweatshirt may be even lower, 250g or even less. If you’ve got a thick sweatshirt, it’s probably around the 300g mark. (read my sweatshirt guide here)

The H&M Blanks range of basics comes in at 460g. This is incredibly heavy in comparison to others. The fabric used is French Terry, which has a really nice premium feel to it, and is something which I really love.

T-Shirts & Long Sleeve Tees

It’s the same story with the t-shirts. A light t-shirt will weigh anything from 130g – 160g, with medium being 160g – 180g, and heavy being around 200g.

The H&M Blank Staples T Shirts are made from jersey cotton weighing in at 240g. This is a very heavy weight for a t-shirt, and will no doubt have a premium feel to.

In terms of the colours, H&M have gone for Earthy tones which is what autumn is all about. Colours available are black, cream, dark beige and brown. I really do like all of these colours, and are suited well to the season.

The Fit

When it comes down to the fit, these pieces come in a relaxed and oversized fit. Most of the time I prefer a slim cut silhouette with all of my clothes, but if there’s one type of clothes that work in a more relaxed fit, it’s sweats.

Made for relaxing and chilling out, all of these pieces look so easy to wear. When it comes to comfortable clothing to wear at home, all of these pieces fit the bill.

It’s fair to say that I like all of these pieces. I have really loved simple and contemporary fashion for years now. Minimalist and sleek outfits and silhouettes have been my go to for a long time now. I can see myself getting something from this collection.


The sweatshirts are £24.99, hoodies £29.99, joggers £24.99, T-shirt £12.99 and long sleeve tee at £12.99. You can check out the full Blank Staples collection here.

It’s interesting as I already bought an ARKET sweatshirt which is a premium 340g sweatshirt. ARKET another brand owned by H&M, and is seen to be the more upmarket with a focus on sustainability and traceability.

These pieces have a higher weight count but a lower price point, so it will be interested to see how they stack up.

Rest assured if I get my hands on anything from the collection you’ll be able to read about it here.

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