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Wearing Shoes Without Socks – This Is How You Do It

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Monday, 22nd July, 2019

Wearing No Socks With Shoes In The Summer - A Men's Guide

What are your thoughts on wearing shoes without socks for Summer? It’s a great go to option for this season, so if you’re looking for advice adopting the sockless trend, read on!

You’ve probably seen people walking around in shoes without socks, and wonder, how are they doing it? Do their feet sweat, and should you wear shoes without socks.

I don’t have to tell you my love of socks, it has been a part of style and fashion I have loved more and more recently, they are no longer socks, but a fashion must have; From a plain formal pair, to the more eye-catching patterns, they do make an outfit pop.

But what if you fancy going without? Can it be done well, and are there any rules? I am not much of a fan of this look, but here are some general tips and pieces of advice if you fancy going sockless this season.

The Sockless Summer Fashion Trend

Planning on showing a little mankle this Summer?

Not wearing socks is like not wearing a coat, it’s a summer thing. You probably wouldn’t walk around town in just a vest, if you did you’d not only be cold, but you’d look pretty silly. This is the same.

If you’re going sockless then you’ll be wearing shorter bottoms (more on that later) which is not what you want to be doing walking around in the cold, rainy British weather in Winter. Keep your look for the summer, where it will marry up with plenty of great summer fashion choices you’re able to rock when the warmer weather arrives.

Disadvantages Of Not Wearing Socks

  • Your feet will sweat
  • Your feet will smell
  • It will not be comfortable with most shoes

Your Feet Will Sweat Without Socks

If you go down the read of wearing no socks, you’ll come up against sweaty feet. You’ll have all the nasty things which that brings, top of the list is bad odour as well as blisters. There are a couple of options you have to try to combat this.

Powder – You can use powder such as talcum powder (“talc”) and put this in your shoes or on your feet. The drawback of this is that it can get a bit messy, although it is only powder, it’s not the biggest issue in the world. There’s also other specialised powders which are designed especially for sweaty feet, but talc should be fine.

Antiperspirant – Got a can of antiperspirant? You should have. You don’t just need to use this under your arms, it will work in the other places on your body, including your feet.

Odor-Eaters – You can even get special odour-free insoles for your shoes, and Odor-Eaters are one of the most well known brands out there.

The way to get the no socks look is to actually wear socks. Are you confused? There’s no need to be, if you read below.

No Show Socks – Invisible Socks Or Trainer Socks

Trying to go bare feet? Think again! The sockless look can be pulled off, but you should actually be wearing something over your feet other than your shoes. No-show socks, sock liners, invisible socks and trainer socks are the socks to wear.

What are the differences between trainer socks and invisible socks? There is none, they are just different names for the same basic thing.

You’ll have them on your feet, but as the name suggests, they’ll be invisible giving you the sockless look, while keeping your feet fresh. You don’t want to be known as the guy with the smelly feet, without socks you’re footwear will stink, and it will do nothing for your feet hygiene or comfort.


Choose The Right Occasion

Going to a job interview or formal wedding? You’ll want to wear socks on both of those occasions, unless your job interview is for a lifeguard at a beach, where you’ll be attending a wedding. Casual summer days and nights, beach life and going abroad are the perfect settings for a no-sock zone. If you’re going for Summer BBQ style then it will be warm, and this could be a great occasion to try out this look.

Shoes To Wear To Get The “Without Socks” Look

Looking for the perfect pair of shoes to wear without socks? Choosing the right footwear when you’re not wearing socks is very important. Did someone say loafers? Loafers without socks will work well when it comes to pairing up footwear with this trend when the time calls for it.

Other footwear can be worn, and I think that casual shoes, or smart trainers can both work well with no socks. Deck shoes, espadrilles and other canvas shoes would be preferable with going sockless too.

Since it’s a laid back casual look, you’ll want to stay away from formal shoes, equally it’s not really a sporty look, so sports trainers should be left out of this look. A low profile pair of footwear will always be preferable, never boots or hit-tops.

The Best Shoes To Wear Without Socks

  • Boat Shoes
  • Espidrilles
  • Boat & Deck Shoes
  • Slip On/Driving Shoes

Chinos Or Trousers Without Socks: Getting The Length Right

You can ruin your sockless moment by getting the length of your bottoms all wrong. You’re not a girl rocking a pair of 3/4 leggings, and wearing a pair of chinos which are way too short will look ridiculous. Wearing a pair which are too long and you’ll not get the desired effect, although you could try a roll-up. The length will also depend on the footwear.

Getting The Cut Of Trousers Right

Above I’ve gone into the right length, now it’s about the cut of your chinos or trousers. There’s something I really don’t like about really skinny jeans and no socks, it just looks weird and odd, and reminds me of 90’s girls in leggings (as I’ve already mentioned!).

Massive wide open flairs are to be avoided too, and I think the best choice is a nice slim cut, which is not overly skinny, and has a bit of room in both the leg and opening.

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Buyers Guide: Where To Buy Invisible Socks

John  Lewis £7.50 – for a pack of 5 invisible socks here

Calvin Klein £15 – 3 pack invisible black socks here

M&S£8 – 4 pack black invisible sock liners here

Those are a few of my tips for wearing no socks with shoes. What do you think about this trend, is it for you or do you prefer good old socks? 🙂

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