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A New Summer Shirt – Here’s My Flamingo Print Shirt

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Friday, 26th June, 2020

men's summer shirt - a flamingo pattern print shirt

I went and got myself a flamingo print shirt!

I’ve wanted a summer shirt for many years, but I haven’t bothered to get one. A long while back I saw a black  shirt with a flamingo repeat pattern print, but I decided that I wouldn’t get it.

Ironically it looks like we’re not going to have much of a summer to go out, but this year I decided I’d jump and get one.

I saw this flamingo print shirt at H&M, and they had a member price on it, so I ended up getting it. It’s a short sleeve shirt, and although I prefer long sleeve, short sleeves do work in the summer.

It’s a regular fit shirt and does fit well, although I would say it’s slightly on the larger size, possibly due to the fact I’m more used to wearing slim fit shirts.

It is black in colour, with pink flamingos printed all over it, and I think it’s a fun thing to wear in the summer. It wasn’t too expensive, so even if I only wear this a handful of times it will be OK, and it will be fine to wear year on year.

I have always liked the idea of having one statement shirt for summer, and something like this looks cool. It’s a more fun take on fashion, and since I usually prefer more minimal and modern looks, it’s a nice change.

There’s plenty of other summer shirts, floral shirts are popular, but for myself I personally prefer this one.

How to style a patterned shirt in the summer - mens fashion guide

When it comes to styling and what to wear with this printed shirt, I think there’s two ways of wearing it: Open and buttoned up.

Wearing it as a normal shirt, buttoned up, it’s going to have it’s full effect, with seemingly more of the pattern on show.

The other option is to layer it with a t-shirt, as I have done here. I’ll probably wear it more like this, with an obvious advantage being I’ll be able to also button it up if I want to.

Wearing it with a tee under it breaks up the pattern, and makes it look a little more understated. I really do like the open shirt look, and think it works well in summer with print shirts.

Wearing this dark tee keeps the overall look on the dark side, I think that wearing a white t-shirt will work just as well, but giving a light look to the outfit.

Let me know what you think of this shirt. I think as far as summer wardrobe essentials go, a good print or patterned shirt should be included for something different and fun.

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