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The Best Men’s Floral Shirts For Summer – Get The Trend

Friday, 18th May, 2018

Men's Floral Shirt Trend - Best Of This Summer

The hot weather makes me think of a couple of things, and when it comes to fashion one of those is floral shirts. I love the classic, solid, staple colour shirts you wear for most of the year, but if you want to make a statement in the warmer months, jumping on the printed shirt trend is the way to do it.

If you’re looking for tips on how to style a floral shirt, advice on where to shop for them or are just looking for some inspiration, you can sit back and read on 🙂

The Floral Printed Shirt Trend

Floral printed shirts are not a novelty, in fact they are a cool thing to wear this Summer. If you wear them with the right thing and at the the right time, they will set you apart from the rest of the guys for all the right reasons. Don’t get these confused with a Hawaiian shirt, which utilise larger Summery graphics which are repeated, and don’t usually use small graphics.  There’s plenty of variations in the shirt patterns which you can go for, so it’s worth having a good look around to find one you really like the look of.

In terms of the style of the prints, there is larger patterned graphics of print, as well as the smaller, flowery patterns, and in a huge number of colour combinations. You can go for a toned down black and white, a bright three or four colour pattern, or something with green, blue, yellow or red.

The Fit

You may be wondering, How is a floral shirt supposed to fit? As you know in menswear, the fit is key. There’s a couple of fit types you can go for. These are:

  • Slim Fit
  • Regular
  • Loose Fit

For floral shirts you can allow yourself a bit of a looser fit. It shouldn’t be too baggy like a tent, but it shouldn’t be tight fitting either.

Short Sleeves Only

Usually for shirts I will almost opt for a long sleeve shirt. They’re my preference, I think they’re smarter, and you can always go for the rolled-up sleeve look if you want. For floral and patterned shirts however, the script is flipped, and I prefer a short sleeve printed shirt.

For one thing, these are really a Summer only item of clothing, so it will probably be very warm and sunny when you don one of these, so shouldn’t need the extra long sleeves. The second is the pattern; I don’t think patterned shirts look good with long sleeves, they just look too over-the-top and in your face.

How To Style Floral Prints

How To Style Floral Shirts

There’s a couple of different ways to style the floral printed shirt. What you wear with it will determine how good the shirt looks, and whether you stand out for the right or wrong reasons. Here’s some simple rules and ways to style prints.

Wear Floral Prints With Confidence

Possibly the biggest style challenge of pulling off this look isn’t about what you wear with it, it’s about how you carry it. That comes down to confidence. The very nature of these styles of shirts is that they make a statement and project. You will stand out, so you do need to have confidence and believe in what you’re wearing.

There’s a very good chance that you’ll be the only one in the room who’s wearing this, so you’ll stand out. But if you’re a strong character and believe in your style, you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Wear With Neutral Colours

Your shirt is going to make a statement and be quite loud, you don’t want to saturate your look with other colours, you want to keep them toned down. That way, the shirt will stand out, you won’t be mismatched with a horrible colour scheme.

You could wear black, grey, light blue or white on your lower half, this could be light denim, chinos or casual trousers, which will make the shirt stand out, without shouting. Make sure that the colours go well together, and sticking to the staple colours, you shouldn’t run into problems.

Long Sleeve Printed Floral Shirts

Long Sleeve Floral Shirts

Although I massively prefer floral shirts with short sleeves, I have to give a mention to the long sleeve counterpart. I think that the longer sleeves makes these look just that little bit too loud, however there’s a few tricks you can do if you want to tone them down.

The most obvious is wearing the shirt with a jacket. This is a tip which is kind of borrowed from the open shirt and tee rule, which tones down the patterns with a plain prominent piece such as a tee, or in this case, jacket.

Wearing a jacket with the long sleeves will mean that you get just a taste of the floral patterns, which is more than enough. the subtlty can lead to a good look, but generally in the heat, jackets are usually optional.

Wear Open With A T Shirt

Just because you’re wearing a shirt, doesn’t mean you have to button up. You can layer the floral shirt with a plain tee, and white is always recommended. You may think why would you layer in the Summer, won’t you be too hot? This isn’t the case, as your tee and shirt should be breathable and thin enough to wear together, without causing too many issues when it comes to the heat.

Wearing it with an open shirt will tone down the look of the floral pattern, and then pairing it with some solid colour chinos will make sure the whole look works well.

Floral Print Shirts With A Suit

Wear With A Suit

Prints are generally considered to be a fun, casual item, and so you wouldn’t associate it with a suit, but it can be done. When it comes to the heat and suiting, linen is your friend which will keep you cooler than a thick wool suit. Wearing a light grey suit with a printed shirt can look really good, if you can pull it off with the right shirt. Take that laid back look into something casual but smart for the Summer, and it will definitely make an impact.

Final Word

Floral shirts are a brilliant way to make a statement and wear a one-off piece to stand out. It will brighten up anyone’s usual style, and wearing something you don’t usually wear will be a refreshing change for most.

As far as style trends go, the floral shirt one is a good one, particularly if you want to make a statement in the Summer.

Is it one you’ll be jumping on this season? Let me know.

Buyers Guide

If you’re looking for a floral shirt or two, my buyers guide has the latest in this trend from the best menswear brands; From high street to higher end, cheap to the more expensive, there’s plenty to choose from.

Cheap floral printed Shirts

Cheap Men’s Floral Shirts

This kind of shirt is possibly only going to be worn a handful of times a year, and you never know, next year you might fancy another. Some pieces are investments and worth the extra money, but if you just want to dabble into florals, prints and patterns, there’s plenty you can pick up without breaking the bank.

River Island have a nice selection of good shirts at a reasonable price. You can expect to pay £20 – £30 for these.

  • Short sleeve floral shirt – £25 – here
  • Slim fit floral shirt in navy – £25 – here
  • Black floral print – £25 – here

John Lewis Mens Floral Shirts

John Lewis

John Lewis have a few good picks when it comes to floral patterned shirts too. You can get these for £35-£40, here’s a pick of the best.

  • Red Krela floral print shirt – £39 – here
  • White Orchid print shirt – £35 – here
  • Tidal floral print in pink – £35 – here

Ted Baker Floral Shirts

Ted Baker

Ted Baker is well known for it’s patterns and florals. For the smarter shirts, the patterns are usually found on the trim or insides of the shirt, I love these because it adds contrast to their shirts. But for florals, the prints are outside, front and centre. For a Ted Baker shirt expect to pay around £89.

  • Silky navy floral shirt – £89 – here
  • Geo print cotton shirt – £89 – here
  • Partwo floral shirt in dark green – £89 – here

Floral Shirts By Paul Smith

PS By Paul Smith

If you really want to make an impact and money isn’t too much of a concern, the PS by Paul Smith line has some really nice options. When it comes to designer, I think you can really see the difference in these shirts, especially the middle option which I think is one of the best looking patterns if you really want to make a statement.

  • Navy blue floral shirt by PS – £120 – here
  • Black ocean print shirt by PS – £225 – here
  • White linen blend floral shirt – £115 – here

Eton Shirts floral patterns

Eton Shirts

Eton Shirts have some nice design options when it comes to floral patterns, they’re calling their collection resort. And it is a fitting name, because you can see yourself wearing any of these in any kind of tropical or Summer resort, but will still work well at home. They’re at the higher end of the price range, but having owned Eton shirts, I can tell you first hand, the quality is top class.

  • Red Palm Tree Resort Shirt – £160 – here
  • Green-blue resort print – £160 – here
  • Navy Palm Print – £160 – here

Best Of The Rest Mens floral shirts

Best Of The Rest

There’s plenty of other options when it comes to floral printed shirts. Most menswear fashion brands which offer shirts will offer prints of some flavour. I’ve picked out a few of my favourites from different labels, all at varying price points.

  • Sandro yellow floral shirt – £145 – here
  • All Saints Fuyugi floral shirt – £85 – here
  • Zara Floral Voile shirt – £25.99 – here

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