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The Best Men’s Warm And Spicy Fragrances For Cold Weather

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Thursday, 15th March, 2018

The Best Men's Fragrances To Warm You Up

We had the beast of the East the other week, and when it was freezing I thought to myself, which one of my fragrances would warm me up in the cold weather? It also gave me a chance to take some photos of my fragrances in the snow, so I did!

Whenever I categorise scents, I do so in a couple of ways. First of all it’s the season, then it’s day or evening, and then it’s the type of fragrance. Some of them are sweet, which can work well in Summer, with the citrus-types working well in Spring. But what about the colder weather?

Which types of scents work in cold weather, and give you a warmed up feeling? I think they’ve got to have the following characteristics; Either a combination or these qualities singularly.

  • A woody style of scent
  • Spicy notes
  • Punchy, masculine vibes
  • Peppery or musky smell

With that said, here’s the fragrances I chose.

Dior Fahrenheit Absolute Fragrance Review

Absolute Fahrenheit From Dior

An absolute classic with a twist, it’s Absolute Fahrenheit. This classic scent is all about old school masculinity, and borrows the same great scent from the original bottle, and adds just a bit more punch, not that it was needed.


Manly, but with some sophistication, that’s how I would describe BOSS BOTTLED Night. It’s not the woody, spicy powerhouse that most of the scents in this list are, instead it’s a subtle hint of modern masculinity.

Boss Bottled Oud


The woody of the woods, Oud oozes masculinity, and Boss BOTTLED Oud does a very good job at an oud fragrance for a good price. natural Oud scents are usually expensive, this is just the right price, and you get that premium luxury oud smell.

Gucci By Gucci Review

Gucci By Gucci

One of my all time favourites, it’s very spicy and peppery, but so inviting. It’s a sharp smell which is strong but it’s overpowering, and very manly.

Tom Ford Noir

Tom Ford Noir

If there is one scent which is modern and super masculine without trying, it’s Tom Ford Noir. Everything about this shouts blokey man, but not in an old school sense, more of a suit and tie way. This is one of the best, it has sophistication and is sensual, and will have you feeling warm.

Nuit D'Issey - Issey Miyake

Nuit D’Issey From Issey Miyake

Inviting and spicy, Nuit D’Issey is a woody scent from Issey Miyake which works best on an evening, as you’d guess from the name and the fact the bottle is all black.

Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Fragrance

Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb

A favourite of many, Spicebomb from Viktor & Rolf does exactly what it says on the bottle. It’s a spicy little bottle which doesn’t over do it on the woods, but manages to maintain the man-like charm with it’s spice.

Trussardi Uomo Fragrance Review

Trussardi Uomo

An underrated scent, Uomo from Trussardi is a light woody blend which has hints of leather and spice, perfect to keep you from thinking about how cold the weather is.

Bulgari Man In Black

Bulgari Man In Black

A remix of the original MAN from Bulgari, Man In Black is super woody and spicy, and definitely something which would be worn best on an evening, especially on a chilly night.

Dolce And Gabbana The One Review

Dolce & Gabbana The One

Saving possibly the best until last, The One from Dolce And Gabbana oozes masculinity with it’s modern woody notes. It warms you up while staying contemporary, wearing this will make you forget how cold it is.

Those are my favourite warm fragrances which are perfect for the cold weather. As the temperatures go up they can still be utilised on an evening where the temperatures are usually at the lower end of the thermometer.

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