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What Is The Point Of Wearing A Scent? The Reasons Why I Wear A Fragrance Every Day

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Wednesday, 1st September, 2021

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Fragrance…What is the point of wearing it?

This is something a lot of guys wonder, and some have asked me. I know that a lot of men don’t wear a scent every day, and only wear it occasionally. This is usually on a night out, to a restaurant or some other specific outing where they’d get dressed up.

Personally, I wear a fragrance every day, so if you’re wondering what is the point, here’s why…

A Very Brief History On Men’s Fragrances

A lot of men (in the UK) refer to all men’s fragrances as aftershave, and all female fragrances as perfume. If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know that the word perfume denotes the strength. You can read more on the eau de toilette vs perfume post.

However traditionally, aftershave was the solution you put on your face after you had a shave (hence the name). It contains alcohol which would keep your skin free from any kind of infections after shaving.

However these days it’s better to use something such as aftershave balm (also called post-shave balm), which is much better for the skin, and is usually odourless or has a light, clean odour.

With that said, from this point forward I will be referring to all aftershave as just a fragrance, as that is what most men mean when they use the term.

A Signature Scent

There’s a lot to be said about a signature scent. A signature scent is when you use the same fragrance every day. You’ll get recognised for wearing this scent, and people will remember you (and the scent).

This is one of the benefits of having your own signature scent.

Everybody likes a nice smelling person, so this is one reason why you should wear your fragrance every day. This will be like your identity.

A Different Scent For The Occasion

If you have a few fragrances, you’ll be able to wear a different scent for each occasion. If you’re going to work, there’s plenty of perfect office fragrances which smell great.

Another reason to wear one is a night out, and you’ll want one of the scents that gets compliments.

There’s fragrances which are better for the summer days, and then some for a winter night too. You can think of a fragrance like an item of clothing, you should wear the right one for the right occasion.

Scents Bring Back Memories

There’s no doubt that a good scent or smell will bring back a good memory. I have so many fragrances that I personally love but others won’t. Why? They hold memories for me and for other’s they don’t.

Some of my favourite fragrances such as Lacoste Cool Blue aren’t necessarily popular, but when I wear them it takes me back to a good time.

People Will Remember You’re Great Smell

Fragrances aren’t just memorable for the wearer, people will remember how you smell too.

You’ll remember a bad smell, and you’ll also remember a good smell too. We’ve all been to places or been in the company of people who smell terrible, it’s not a good experience.

Don’t be that guy.

I always remember bad smelling places.

The same can be said for guys who smell good. If you’re always wearing a good smelling fragrance, you’ll be remembered for smelling good.

Whether that’s one particular fragrance, or just a good smelling guy in general, it’s always good to get compliments on how you smell.

Make a good impression without saying a word by wearing the right cologne.

A Good Fragrance Is Attractive

I’ve already spoke a lot about attractive fragrances, and it’s true. Scents do make you smell more attractive and appealing to ladies (and men!).

A nice smell can be just as attractive as a guy who dresses well. So if you like to look the part, make sure to smell the part too.

Smelling Good Gives You Confidence

Just like with clothing and other things, smelling good can boost your confidence. If you know you smell good you’ll be more confident.

You’ve gone to the effort of picking out a good scent, and now it’s time to get out there. Knowing you smell good will keep your confidence up.

Boost Your Mood

In line with bringing back memories, giving you confidence and feeling attractive, cologne is also going to boost your mood. You’ll be feeling on top of the world when you smell your best.


So there you go. When it comes to a men’s fragrance which many call aftershave, the point of wearing it is to smell good. I think that it’s an important part of any men’s repertoire, and you should always use it.

If you’re talking about traditional aftershave, i.e. the alcohol based stuff you put on only after you shave, you should use a better, more modern alternative such as post-shave balm aka aftershave balm.

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