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King C Gillette Shave Review: Neck Razor & SkinGuard Blades – My Shaving Experience

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Wednesday, 8th September, 2021

King C Gillette Shaving Review

Who doesn’t love a good shave? I always love to try out some new products, and as I had ran out of my usual blades I finally got to put my new shaving kit through it’s paces.

For the past few weeks I’ve been using the King C Gillette Shaving products which I got way back when. I got a neck razor, some blades with the SkinGuard along with some of the transparent shave gel.

It is any good?

This is how I’ve been getting on with it for the past few weeks.

Is King C Gillette The Same As Gillette?

The first thing you might ask is this: Is the King C Gillette brand the same as the infamous Gillette brand? Yes. They are the same brand. You can be forgiven for thinking it may be a different company, as the branding is completely different throughout.

But you can think of this as a sub-brand under the Gillette umbrella.

How Good Is The King C Gillette Shave?

Is the King C Gillette C Razor any good?

I have to say that when I first tried this I loved it. I have the 2 blade SkinGuard blades with my pack, and they are so smooth. The smoothness is so good, there’s no irritation, and it’s just an overall joy to use in that respect.

They are designed for this smoothness rather than anything else. In a word where we have 3, 4, and 5 blade razors, these blades settle for 2. This is combined with lubricating strips on the top and bottom, and the SkinGuard separating the blades.

This does come at a cost. The closeness of the shave.

Even though it’s a very smooth shave, I don’t feel this is as close as others. It’s not as close as a Mach3, and not as close as the others which have more than 3 blades which I’ve tried.

In fairness of this razor, it’s billed as as neck and cheek razor. These are usually areas that you might not need as close a shave, especially the neck. But for myself, I am clean shaven, so having the closest shave is high up on the list of priorities.

I had to do 2 or 3 passes in the same area to ensure there was enough of a cut. This isn’t just down to the number of blades, but the cartridge is fairly large, and can collect a lot of the shave gel making it more difficult to cut through without rinsing.

King C Gillette Shaving Review - Razor and shave gel

King C Gillette Transparent Shave Gel

When it comes to shaving, I am always a gel person rather than foam. It’s just better, smoother and I think you get a better shave. In particular I prefer the gels which don’t foam up. I’ve used these for countless years, and think they’re much smoother.

This is what the King C Gillette Transparent Shave Gel is all about, and it’s brilliant. It’s one of the best gels I have used. It’s so thick and feels really luxurious.

The only bad point about gels such as this is that they’re easy to over use, meaning there’s lots of waste. Since it’s so thick, you need a fair bit for coverage of your face and neck, so this will go fast.

But in terms of comfort, there’s no doubt that this is very good, definitely better than a standard Gillette which isn’t bad, but this on another level.

It’s possibly the only shave gel I’ve used where I don’t feel I’d need a post shave balm (although I still use one of course!).


King C Gillette is quite expensive, but the overall shaving experience is good. As I prefer a closer shave, I’ll be sticking to my usual 3-blade razors. But if you have irritation or don’t need a super close shave, these are definitely worth a look.

No irritation, no burn, just a smooth shave for anyone with sensitive skin.

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