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Lynx Java Is Back From The 90s In A Limited Edition Fashion! (Fragrance Review)

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Wednesday, 25th August, 2021

Lynx Java Is Back From The 90s Review By Michael 84

90’s kids that want to smell like the good old days, now you can! Lynx Java is back, in a limited edition way, and is currently available to buy right now.

When I heard about this I had to get myself some, so I did. I bought the Lynx Java body spray as well as the body wash.

Here’s how it smells and everything you need to know about the relaunch of Lynx Java.

The relaunch isn’t actually new, I almost missed it. This was brought back in June 2021, a few months back, but I didn’t hear much of it. When I did hear about it, I was intrigued, and thought it was strange that I didn’t hear much at all.

Not only did they bring back the scent, there were also limited edition football shirts that donned the design. I missed out on those, so if you’re from Lynx and reading, get in touch!

I grew up in the 90s, but to be honest I missed out on this scent. Java was released in 1990, and it was the later scents of Africa (which they’ve brought back), Inca and my favourite, Atlantis which give me serious 90’s memories.

I was a huge fan of the other retro fragrances back in the day, so I had to try out Java for the first time.

This scent is for one of two people: Those who remembered it back in the day and loved it, or those who were intrigued and love a big of nostalgia. I am in the latter of those two groups.

What Does Lynx Java Smell Like?

According to Lynx themselves, Java is an epic mash up of cedarwood, musk and spices. But my first thoughts? I’m not blown away.

When I first smell this I get strong lemon types of smells. This isn’t a favourite of mine, in fact it’s one of those notes which I really don’t enjoy at all.

Cedarwood and Musk sound nice, but I can’t really get those notes. I’ve tried a few sprays, tried leaving it, and I don’t really get it. It’s quite an overwhelming lemon-citrus style of scent, and slightly fresh.

Does it smell like the original? I can’t say first hand, but I have heard from others that the smell is the same.

I am glad I have been able to try it, but I don’t think it’s going to be something I use a lot, and I’ll probably not get again.

In terms of the packaging, it’s the more modern Lynx packaging. It comes in a metal can with the twist plastic style top which are seen on other body sprays.

The logo is a similar cool graphic style of logo in the same colours, but has a little bit more of a modern stamp on it.

As you can see, I also got the Java Body Wash which I haven’t used yet, but I am looking forward to trying that out.

Lynx: Please Bring Back More 90’s Scents

The thing I really love about this is that Lynx may bring back other scents. They’ve already brought back Africa, which almost everyone loves, and now Java. At least this means they’re open to bringing back some old classics. I think they would do well.

This may pave the way for my all time favourite Lynx: Atlantis. To me, Atlantis was the best, it was the god of Lynx, even better than Africa. Inca was also memorable, but when it comes to Atlantis, I couldn’t even tell you how many cans of that I had.

Final Thoughts On Lynx Java

Lynx Java is slated for a limited edition release. That means if you love it, now is the time to buy and stock up. If you want to try it out, grab some as quick as you can, as you’ll not want to miss out. Since it’s not expensive, it’s worth checking out if you like scents.

I am glad I have tried it, and as mentioned it’s not going to be a favourite, but it’s not too bad. This will bring back memories for so many people, so if you’re one of them, you’ll be happy of the return of Lynx Java.

I got mine from Boots for a few quid, Superdrug and other places also stock this.

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