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Mexico Icon Goalkeeper Shirt By Adidas – 90’s Campos Style Try On Review

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Monday, 6th February, 2023

Mexico Goalkeeper Shirt Adidas Icons Review

When I saw that Adidas had a sale on the Icon Goalkeeper shirts I couldn’t help myself and had to get some.

This is the Mexico Icon Goalkeeper shirt, and it’s epic.

Here’s what you need to know.

If you’ve read my blog a few months back you’ll know Adidas released what they called Icon goalkeeper shirts, which take iconic designs from the 90’s and reimagines them.

I got the Adidas Icon Spain Goalkeeper shirt which I was more than happy with, and loved the designs of the rest. I couldn’t really justify spending the money on a Mexico or Germany shirt, they were more expensive than the actual playing kits!

But when I saw they had an offer on them, I had to snap them up. This week I’m showcasing the Mexico goalkeeper shirt.

For those who don’t know, Mexico had a goalkeeper in the 90’s called Jorge Campos. He wore some outrageous and crazy designs which Campos designed himself. They were all about colour and geometric shapes, and were brilliant.

The 90’s was a decade of brilliant goalkeeper designs, and this goalkeeper shirt is inspired from that generation.

Now the design itself isn’t a reproduction of one of those designs, instead it takes some colours and designs of Campos and Mexico and has turned them into this which I think is so cool.

It comes in 4 colours: Purple, electric green, electric yellow and pink, and is so striking.

Close up of the Mexico Adidas Icons Goalkeeper Shirt

The design comes in a zig-zag and jagged lines, with three white Adidas stripes down the sides of the sleeves.

The design is the same on the back as the front, and it comes with ripped sleeves and neckline which are purple.

To the front the Adidas and Mexico badges are present, and centrally positioned and are in silver-white with a purple outline to help them stand out.

In terms of quality, it feels really good. It feels like it’s made in a similar way to modern shirts, and has a soft silky feeling.

In terms of fit it’s oversized. It’s quite a generous cut and fit, which I knew beforehand, and it’s something which is in-keeping with goalkeeper shirts of the past.

I love 90’s goalkeeper shirts, and this borrows from the hay day of goalie shirts so well. It’s a shirt I’ll probably not wear all too often, but it’s good to have in the collection, and something I can throw on from time to time to get some 90’s retro football nostalgia.

You can also check out the Adidas Germany Icon 90’s Goalkeeper shirt here which I got too.

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