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New In My Wardrobe: Adidas Gazelle OG Trainers In Navy

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Friday, 3rd July, 2020

Wardrobe Essentials - Adidas Gazelle OG Trainers

I’ve kind of had this weird tradition where I’d buy a new pair of trainers in the Summer. This year I’ve had my eye on a classic pair, and got myself a pair of Adidas Gazelle OG Trainers in navy for my birthday.

Adidas Gazelles have been around forever. They got their popularity in the UK with terrace culture, and became trainers for football fans, mostly in the 80s. I’ve always thought they were cool, but back in my youth it was all about Air Max.

Last year you might remember I got a pair of Air Max 2 Light Atmos which scream the 90s with the colourful bold design. This summer I decided to go for more of a classic look, and so decided on the Gazelles.

Although they’ve got a big history, I’ve never actually owned a pair. I’ve had a pair of Superstars, still rock Stan Smith’s and in my younger days I probably had a few other pairs too. But the Gazelles are the trainers I’ve always looked at, but never bought.

I decided that this year would be the year, and so got myself a pair. There were a couple of decisions to be made, which were: What colour should I get, and which Gazelles should I get.

Yes, there’s two versions of the Adidas Gazelles.

The original trainer now goes by the name Gazelle OG, with OG meaning Original. There’s also a more modern version, which is sometimes called the Gazelle 2.

Unboxing My Adidas Gazelle OG Trainers - Michael 84

What’s the difference between the Gazelle OG and Gazelle 2?

The Branding: The branding is slightly different. The OG has the Gold Adidas Gazelle branding to the side of the trainer in a horizontal style, which the Gazelle 2 has the wording parallel to the three stripes.

The heel of the OG has a simpler logo, with the Adidas Trefoil, which the Gazelle 2 has a smaller logo, with the Adidas wording too.

The tongue also has different designs.

In terms of the silhouette of the trainers,  the OG is slightly more pointy while the 2 is more rounded. The OG has a shorter tongue, looks much lower and is overall a sleeker looking silhouette.

The Gazelle 2 is not ugly or inferior by any means, but I wanted to go OG, so that’s what I chose.

So for colour:

It was a tough decision to make. I really like the red trainers, but I think that the colour might get annoying after a while. It’s the least contemporary of the colours, so I decided that was out.

Then there’s black. Black never goes out of style so it’s a safe colour, and it’s easy to pair with anything. I have a lot of black trainers, so didn’t want another pair.

I decided on navy blue. I really love the colour, which is easy to pair with anything and looks cool. It has the dark elements of black without being black, and doesn’t go out of style.

I should mention the material. They’re made of suede, which is another trademark of this trainer. This adds more versatility to my trainers and shoes line up in my wardrobe, since I only own one other pair of suede footwear.

So there we have it, I’ve officially joined the Adidas Gazelle club. The style has stood the test of time, so I’ll hopefully be wearing these for years to come.

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