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I Got Them! – Air Max2 Light QS Atmos Trainers [Unboxing & Review]

Thursday, 4th July, 2019

Air Max2 Light QS Atmos Unboxing By Michael 84

It’s a pair of trainers which I featured on the blog months ago, I loved them, and thought about getting them for months…Now I have finally got them, the Nike Air Max2 Light QS Atmos, and here they are.

I never get too excited by trainers these days, but I have to say, I really love some of the Air Max which Nike have been doing in recent years. Earlier in the year these super colourful trainers were seen, it was a collaboration with Japanese brand Atmos, and I loved them. I featured a preview of the Air Max 2 Atmos on the blog, and really thought about getting them as soon as they were released.

I didn’t get them immediately, but I have now, and here’s why…

My usual style these days is quite a minimal one. I really like the smart casual style, dressing simple pieces up, or smarter pieces down, and it’s been my go to for quite a number of years. This is the same in trainers, where I’ve bought Triple White Air Max 1, Stan Smith and Reebok Classics

All great trainers, minimalistic, smart, and can be worn almost all the time in most casual and smart-casual situations.

Air Max2 Light QS Atmos Review by Michael 84

But what about something a bit mad, a bit crazy, a bit colourful? That’s where these come in – The Air Max2 Light QS Atmos. They definitely stand out, and are a bit mad.

They have a lot of 90’s vibes, something which I love, and I can wear these as a casual pair of trainers with other 90’s clothing, as well as all my usual toned down clothing. They will work really well in the summer, so I’ll be wearing these trainers a lot, but probably not in the Winter.

They are very nice and comfortable to wear, as you’d expect with Nike. The construction is interesting, it’s a kind of canvas/synthetic trainer on the upper, with a kind of plastic layering over the top of parts of the trainer.

The colours and graphics are in a patchwork style, and the colours are really vibrant and do stand out as much as you’d think they would. The midsole is white, with the air units being a red colour, along with the bottoms of the trainers being a pink, white and blue colour.

You get 3 pairs of laces with them which I think is pretty cool. There’s the standard bright orange, a bright pink and also the fluorescent yellow, which I believe they call Volt yellow.

I’ve just left the oranges ones in at the moment, but I could change, or mix it up and use a combination of the laces for something even more striking (if it can get even more striking).

I look forward to styling these trainers soon, so expect to see plenty of outfit photos which feature these.

They have already got a new pair coming soon, which are not as colourful but still distinctive, and use black as the base. I think those are very nice, but more toned down, and out of the two, I prefer these.

What do you think of the Air Max2 Light QS Atmos? Too jazzy or cool? I think these are a love/hate kind of design.

You can of course check out the latest trainer releases if you’re after something new for your feet.

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