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Adidas Stan Smith For Summer 2018

Monday, 19th February, 2018

Finally got a pair of Adidas Stan Smith Trainers

I finally got a pair of Stan Smith’s!

You may remember last year I was talking about getting a pair of white trainers, and I was torn between getting a pair of Adidas Stan Smith’s, or a pair of triple white Air Max. I went for the white Air Max, but for this year I’ve finally got a pair of Stan Smith trainers!

I love my Air Max, there’s no doubt, and I have a ton, probably too many if there’s such a thing. They’re so comfortable, cool and I can walk around in these all day and my feet are absolutely fine, which can’t be said for something like my Converse All Star trainers.

So getting a pair of non-Air trainers was something I wanted to do, but wasn’t convinced that I’d be able to do a lot of walking around in them. I’ve already got an all black pair of Reebok Classics, and now, finally for the Summer, the all white Stan Smith trainers.

The Stan Smith was a trainer which get’s it’s name from the tennis player who was approached by Adidas back in the 70’s to endorse a tennis shoe. It was popular in the 80s, but during my childhood in the 90s and up until fairly recently, it was in a decline, despite it being an iconic trainer.

Adidas then relaunched a newer updated version, officially calling it the Stan Smith II, and once again it’s became super popular. In fact, it’s gone on to become on of the most coveted white minimalist trainers of recent times, with it proving to be popular in the summer, and all year round.

There’s now a lot of variants of the trainers, some using Primeknit, some with Velcro, a sock Primeknit version, Boost, and countless limited edition and collaboration drops.

I went for the classic styled pair, 100% all white leather upper with the green style tab heel at the back. I thought if I was going for a pair, I might as well make it the iconic ones.

The good thing about these in comparison to Air Max is that they are far, far smarter. They can be worn in smart casual situations, and just look the part, whether it’s out in town during the day, for work, or any other casual setting.

It’s only February, so I have a while to wait before wearing these, but I am glad that I finally went for them and will hopefully enjoy wearing them. All I need now is for the Summer to come! 😉

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