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New In My Wardrobe: H&M Slim Fit T Shirts [Review]

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Monday, 15th July, 2019

Styling My Slim Fit H&M T-Shirts

Hey guys!

So in recent times in my fashion Friday round-ups, I’ve featured a few different packs of H&M Slim Fit T Shirts which they are selling. They’ve been around for a while, and I’ve always wondered what the fit would be like, so I’ve went out and bought some to see what I think.

As we know, the basic T-shirt is a great base to start any outfit. They’re versatile, and are the most humble but essential item of clothing you’ll ever buy. There’s nothing you can’t do with a tee. You can dress up a T-shirt, you can wear it as a super casual piece, you can wear it on it’s own or layer it.

Since we’re getting into the Summer, we’ll all be wearing T-shirts a lot more.

The most important rule when it comes to style is the fit. I have always liked the slim fit versions of T-shirts, I just really like how they fit.

They are definitely a smarter fit, and I like the fact that they’ve always got a tiny bit of stretch with elastane in them, which hugs to the body for that close fit, and overall they just feel better.

When it comes to quality they’re usually a touch better too. Why? Probably because they’re more fashion orientated, and aren’t just that standard T-shirt, so use slightly better cotton when they’re made.

With that said, what about the H&M Slim Fit T Shirts? Well…

The fit is good. When it comes to slim fits, I tend to go up a size when I get them. This time round I went for my usual size, which these days is usually small (in some cases medium) and I think that the fit is just on the more smaller side for my liking.

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That said, it does fit, it’s just that my body shape is not athletic and toned, just average, so if you are toned and are a small, then it should be perfect. The fit works, but going forward I might opt for a medium to see if that is a slightly better fit.

Slim Fit T Shirts from H&M Sleeves

The sleeves fit nice too. For the standard T-shirt there can be a lot of fabric around the sleeves, especially if you have small arms, it’s just a waste of fabric and can look quite baggy.

The slim fit has fitted sleeves too, so they fit really nicely, in-keeping with the rest of the T-shirt, and fit well.

When it comes to colours, I wanted something other than black or white. I love black and white tees, they’re the perfect staple piece which you can wear with anything, but I’ve already got too many black and white tees.

So I went for this pack, which has the grey as seen, along with dark navy blue, and this dusty pink-ish colour which I think is good for summer.

My 3-pack of H&M Slim Fit T Shirts In Grey, Navy and Pink

Overall I have to say that the T-shirts are really nice. H&M usually do very nice T-shirts, they are super soft to touch, the fit is nice, and I like the colours.

The pack cost ยฃ17.99, so you’re talking at an average of ยฃ6 per tee, which I think is worth it. Will the tees hold up well after washing and last? Only time will tell.

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