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Nike Air Max 90 – All Black, Super Stylish, Minimal

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Monday, 25th August, 2014

Nike Air Max 90 Trainers

I needed some dark coloured trainers, so the obvious colour is black, and wanted something super smart, but also really comfortable for walking round in for when I am in Reykjavik, if I actually get there! πŸ™ . I love my Air Max 1 which I got earlier this year, I love the colour, but they can get dirty easily, and I want something more neutral and dark.

I am back into Nike Air Max, like I was as a kid, and I love these Air Max 90 trainers. They are so minimal, sleek and unnoticeable! I could probably even wear them on a night out and they’d go pretty unnoticed. I still like my Converse, but if you’ve ever walked a lot in Converse you’ll know they aren’t the greatest trainers for walking long distances for long periods of time. Air Max are so comfortable, and these are really smart and stylish. They seem more durable than the Air Max 95 because of the construction, but are still breathable and are slightly narrower than the 95’s.

If I ever need some smart looking trainers for something low key, I have these beauties πŸ™‚

Air Max 90 - Stylish, Minimal Design Trainers

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