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My New Nike Air Max 1 For Air Max Day

Wednesday, 26th March, 2014

my new air max one

I am back on the Air Max horse 😀 Today is Air Max Day, and what better way to celebrate it than getting a brand new pair of Air Max. I am taking it back to the beginning, and got the infamous old school and original style, the Air Max 1.

I love my Converse collection, but I have decided that I would mix things up a bit and a pair of Air Max. I have a pair for running, however they are old and tired and are in really bad condition, I only use them for running and have done for a long time. For the past few years I have bought so many pair of Converse, and before that KSWISS, with the odd pair of Adidas in between. Now I have a fresh pair of Air Max, and I love them.

I love this colour, a nice light smart colour which is not too boring and dull, but not overpowering and bright. They come with the customary and iconic air bubble to the side, a classic design.

What do you think? What are your favourite pair of Air Max?



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