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The Best Shearling Jackets, Sheepskin Jackets & Teddy Bear Coats On Trend In 2020

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Monday, 9th November, 2020

Shearling jackets, fleece jackets and teddy bear coats. These have been on my mind for several weeks, and I’ve thought about getting one. They’re definitely on trend right now, and there’s a lot of options out there.

It’s the season for outerwear, and it’s getting cold out there. There’s a time for a fully blown winter coat, a time to smarten up with something like an overcoat.

But what about a casual jacket?

That’s where a shearling jacket or fleece will come in.

There’s been a time where they’ve looked quite unstylish, but in recent times, they’ve became on trend again. There’s lots of styles out there, so I’m going to showcase the best shearling jackets I’ve seen.

What Is A Shearling Jacket?

A shearling jacket is made from sheepskin or lambskin, is tanned and has that fluffy kind of feel to it. This material is on the interior (shearling lined), exterior or both. It’s a fleece type of material, and with natural fibres it’s very warm.

A genuine shearling jacket is expensive, and will run into several hundreds, and often thousands of pounds.

Sheepskin and shearling coats are often made from hard leather or suede with a sheepskin lining.

If you just want the look without that cost, there are some more affordable alternatives.

For the purpose of this guide, I am going to feature jackets which have the shearling, sheepskin feel to them on the exterior, rather than the suede/leather exterior.

This is often called a Teddy jacket or Teddy Bear Coat.

The length of all the jackets featured will be around hip length, aka bomber jacket length.

My favourites of this style are bomber length, fluffy fleecy exterior, made from natural materials and in an understated colour.

Faux Shearling Jackets

You might be familiar with the word faux in fashion. It means fake, or to use a better word, imitation. Faux shearling jackets are plentiful, with a large range of styles from different fashion brands.

They are supposed to imitate the original, so will look the same, but not from natural fibres. Faux shearling is usually made from polyester.

There are some brands which will use a mix of natural wool and polyester, to give it more of a natural feel.

When it comes to winter fashion, fleece jackets have a place as a casual piece of menswear.

Here’s my favourite jackets I have found this season.

Patagonia Woolyester Fleece Jacket – £160


I have to kick it off with one of my favourite jackets I found and considered getting. The Woolyester fleece jacket from Patagonia.

It’s made from recycled polyester and recycled wool, with soft ribbed-knit cuffs and hem.

It comes in a range of colours, but I’ve picked out navy blue. It’s plain and simple, with a small Patagonia logo to the front chest region.


Patagonia Retro Pile Fleece Jacket – £130


Another one from Patagonia, this one has more going on at the front in terms of detailing.

Featuring a zipped front chest pocked, and is made from 100% recycled polyester. It is also available in navy, but I’ve shown it here in the cream colour which they call khaki.

In this colour the zips and pockets are in a contrasting colour, which sets off the jacket.


NN07 Mort Sherpa Fleece – £200


The NN07 Mort Sherpa Fleece is a wool blend jacket which fits into this guide perfectly. It comes in a mix of natural wool, acrylic and polyester, and looks to be a good choice jacket.

I like the minimalist design. It has a chest patch logo which is a tonal colour to the jacket. I’ve picked out navy, but this one is available in cream, brown, rust-red and black too.

Check it out here.

Canada Goose Kelowna Fleece Jacket – £350


I couldn’t talk about winter outerwear without mentioning Canada Goose.

More known for their parkas and expedition coats, they do have a fleece jacket which they call the Kelowna fleece. It’s made from a mix of wool and polyester, and is built like a Canada Goose jacket.

Two zipped pockets to the side, as well as a zipped chest pocket all coming together in a simple and minimalist design. Don’t forget that trademark Canada Goose badge on the arm.

Check it out here.

The North Face Fleeski Fleece Jacket – £105

I do like this jacket from The North Face which they call their Fleeski jacket, obviously combining the words fleece and ski.

It’s a lighter weight jacket than the other designer labels above it, but could be layered with other clothes.

Again the design is nice and simple, with a small brand logo to the front chest. It comes with zipped pockets and a ribbed hem and cuffs.

I’ve picked it out in grey, with more vibrant colours available, including an oversized print. Check it out here.

Carhartt WIP Prentis Fleece Jacket – £145

The Prentis Fleece jacket from Carhartt comes in a 10oz polyester pile in this light cream colour.

It’s complimented with a front zip and patch in a contrasting colour, giving the jacket more of a two tone look to the front.

In the way of pockets, it comes with a zipped chest pocket along with side pockets. Check it out here.

Arket Wool Blend Pile Jacket – £135

This Arket pile jacket comes in a wool blend, constructed from wool and polyester. Designed with elbow patches and a chest patch in tonal colours, it also features two large zipped side pockets.

Get it here.

H&M Faux Shearling Jacket – £34.99

This faux shearling jacket from H&M comes in black with a front zipped chest pocket which adds some detailing to the jacket.

Made from polyester, it comes in black. Check it here.

H&M Wool Blend – £49.99

This one from H&M comes in a wool blend construction. Almost a 50/50 with polyester, and comes with a silver metal zip right now the middle, zipped pockets and is navy. Check it out here.

Uniqlo Fluffy Fleece Jacket – £20

I’ve picked out this fluffy fleece jacket from Uniqlo in an off white colour. With other colours available, it will brighten any outfit, and can be worn as seen as part of a layer.

Plain and minimalist in design, the jacket features a funnel neck, full zip and is made from 100% polyester.

Get it here.

And there you have it, 10 of the best shearling jackets you can get this year.

I’ve covered many price points, from the designer to high street, so hopefully there’s something there for you if you’re interested in these jackets.

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