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Men’s Stylish Winter Outfits – Here’s How To Dress In Cold Weather This Season

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Friday, 15th December, 2023

The Best Men's Winter Fashion Outfits - Stylish Ideas

Winter is here, but what do you wear?

When it comes to dressing with style in the cold weather, you’ll want to keep warm but also look your best. There’s plenty of winter outfits for men, and here’s some ideas on what to wear this season to keep warm and look stylish.

From layering to this season’s key pieces, here’s what to wear this winter.

Winter provides plenty of time to get dressed up, starting with the Office Christmas Party and New Year’s Eve in December, or going out on Valentines Day in February. There’s no excuse not to look sharp.

When it comes to Winter, there’s plenty of easy to wear outfits. Here’s what I’ve been wearing this Winter.

Embrace The Camel Overcoat Trend

First blog post of 2020 on Michael 84

What can I say about the camel overcoat trend that I’ve never said before? I love it, and have loved it for the past few Winters.

If you haven’t jumped on this yet, you should really think about it. It works very well for a smart casual outfit, and you can pair this up with staple colours and it will look the part.

In this outfit, I have paired it up with a pair of navy chinos, and a grey roll neck jumper.

Navy Blue Overcoat With Sweatshirt Layering

Massimo Dutti Overcoat In Navy

One of my latest additions to my winter wardrobe has been my navy blue overcoat. I wanted something a little smarter than the camel colour which I have, and the staple colour of navy was the perfect choice.

I teamed this up with a grey sweatshirt from ARKET which is a high quality loop back material, and is perfect for this weather.

For my lower half, I went for a pair of navy chinos which gave the outfit a bit of a tonal look.

Grey Sweatshirt For Grey Weather

ARKET Sweatshirt Review - Men's Grey Loopback sweatshirt by Michael 84

As already mentioned in a previous outfit, I have this grey sweatshirt from ARKET. I love the colour which is timeless and can be paired with virtually anything.

The weather is mild enough to just wear this when just chilling out or relaxing inside (but I take the pictures outside!)

A Smart Winter Outfit

Outfit of the week - Overcoat, Jumper, shirt and jeans

When you want to wrap up warm but look good, a smart winter outfit is what you want to go for.

When it gets really cold, it’s time to throw a scarf over everything. I love scarves, there’s so many different varieties which you can get and wear.

This one is from Barbour, and is a check pattern with shades of grey.

It’s all about layering when the temperature drops low too. Here’s the key pieces in this outfit that looks smart:

  • Camel overcoat
  • White Shirt
  • Black Sweater
  • Check Scarf
  • Dark Jeans

These pieces of clothing work great as an outfit and look smart. Great to wear while going around town during the day time.

Layering A Shirt With A Jumper

What To Wear With a White Shirt - A Men's Style Guide: 7 Ways To Wear A White Shirt

Sometimes it’s chilly, but you can get away with wearing a good jumper if you layer it with a shirt. I have a good quality black jumper here which I love, made from cashmere.

It’s black in colour, and works well with a white shirt under it for layering.

For the bottom half I have once again went for dark denim, which is one of my favourite washes, and perfect for Winter.

Layering A Hoodie With An Overcoat

Layering Black Hoodie With Camel Overcoat

For something a little more interesting, layering a hoodie with an overcoat is an interesting outfit choice. It combines a hoodie, usually seen as a very casual item with an overcoat, a smart piece of outerwear.

If you really like hoodies I think this is one way to dress them up for winter. As long as you get the colour right, I think it can work.

I’ve gone for a simple black and camel colour palette.

The black hoodie goes with a pair pair of jeans, and my black and white Converse.

A Cashmere Jumper With A Leather Jacket

Red Cashmere Sweater - Men's Style Outfit

Another type of jacket you can go for in the winter is a leather jacket. A winter coat gives you bulk, an overcoat is smart, but if you want an edgy jacket for the cold, a leather jacket is a good option.

The temperature is still low, so for the rest of the outfit you’ve got to utilise layers. I’ve gone for  a cashmere sweater in red, with a T-shirt under which you can’t see.

For the lower half, I’ve gone for a black pair of jeans, along with black shoes to keep the outfit on the right side of smart casual.

A Leather Jacket With A Sweatshirt

Black leather jacket with pink

For a more laid back style, you can team a leather jacket with something more casual. I’ve gone here for a sweatshirt, in a pastel pink colour.

For the lower half I’ve gone for a looser fit of denim, along with an all black pair of trainers.

Roll Neck For Winter

close-up of the roll neck and coat

A roll neck jumper is one of my go to options when I want to wear something smarter in the winter. They’re something I have now been wearing for a good few years, and I’ve bought several over the years in different colours.

For this look I’ve paired one of my fine wool roll necks in an off white colour with my camel coat.

Blazer And White Shirt For A Smart Casual Option

Mango Man Virgin Wool Blazer - Michael 84

If you’re going out and want a smart option with just a slight casual edge, a white shirt with a blazer is a good choice.

I’m wearing this blazer from Mango Man which is navy in colour and has a subtle check pattern. I teamed this up with a white shirt which gives a really nice smart casual look.

For the bottom half of my style I went for a slim fit pair of dark wash denim.

The denim gives it more of an edgy style, rather than wearing suit trousers or going for the separates look which is more of a summer style thing.

If I wanted I could have added an extra layer with my navy overcoat, but it wasn’t too cold on this day. (Read the difference between suit jackets and blazers here.)

Wearing Sweats For Relaxing At Home

H&M Blank Staples Collection - Navy Joggers and hoodie outfit

There’s no doubt that some time during the winter will be spent indoors relaxing. Chilling over Christmas or just spending more time indoors escaping the bad weather.

For the most comfortable clothing to keep you warm at home, you can’t look past a hoodie and joggers combo.

I love the Blank Staples collection from H&M, I have bought quite a few of them in recent times.

Combining joggers with a hoodie gives the best laid back sweats option, perfect for keeping warm and relaxing at home.

Wearing A Hoodie For A Casual Sporty Outfit

Sporty Look By Michael 84 Fashion Blog For LG - How To Wash Your Clothing

Last up I have added a more sporty outfit look to the line up. Sometimes you might just want to wear something more relaxing.

Whether that’s to do a bit of winter exercise or just or chill out, there’s always a time for it.

I’ve combined a hoodie with a pair of tracksuit bottoms, both from Adidas. These are so easy to wear, and are a perfect choice for staying active.

Shearing Jackets On Trend

One of the trends I have loved this winter has been the return of the Shearling jackets. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, it’s the fluffy and fleece outerwear which look really warm and fuzzy.

Well they’re back, and have never looked better. I rounded up the best shearling jackets you can buy, and there’s such a great choice.

They are a versatile jacket, and can be worn on their own, or as an additional layer when it really gets cold.

From sheepskin to faux fur, if you want to jump on a trend this season, this is the one.


And there you have it, stylish ideas for your winter outfits this season.

No matter if you’re going smart, smart casual or for a relaxed style, there’s plenty of ideas. Incorporate some of these pieces into your wardrobe, which should last for a few winters to come.

Remember to check out more what to wear style guides if you’re looking for an outfit for a particular occasion or event.

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