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Latest Men’s Trainers Releases – The Best Trainers From September 2021

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Wednesday, 8th September, 2021

Best Men's Trainers - The Latest Releases Of Trainers For September 2021

It’s September, we’re into Autumn now and if you’re looking for a new pair of trainers, there’s a few cool pairs you can get. Some have already been released, and some are upcoming.

These are the latest trainers in September 2021 you can get this Autumn from the big brands, Adidas, Nike and co.

Check out the best latest men’s trainers this month for an up to date look at what’s new from the best men’s footwear brands.

Air Max 90 Latinx

Air Max 90 Latinx Trainers

I love the Air Max 90 Latinx trainers for this month!

They are based on the brilliant goalkeeper shirts of the 90s, and look incredible. They are made in ode to Latin Heritage Month, and come with the colourful uppers, black base and white midsoles.

All the colours work so well together, and really do stand out for all the right reasons.

They’ll be £130 at Nike when they’re released on 29th September. There’s more on the Latinx Air Max 90 here.

Nike Air Max 90 Lucha Libre

Nike Air Max 90 Lucha Libre

This is one of the coolest trainers I’ve seen for a while, the Air Max 90 Lucha Libre. In celebration of Mexican wrestling, Nike has come up with these trainers.

They have different styles for the left and right shoe, I love that. There’s Los Rudos and Los Technicos, aka the good guys and bad guys, with the black and white flipping around on each trainer in an alternate fashion.

The design is finished off with a Lucha style wrestling mask graphic to the side. These will be released in Nike Japan on 16th September, let’s hope for a worldwide release.

Nike Air Max BW Persian Violet

Nike Air Max BW Persian Violet

Nike have a whole host of purple and violet trainers being released in the coming weeks, including the iconic Air Max BW Persian Violet.

I love the colours which are combined in this trainer. The black, white and violet work seamlessly together. These pair of trainers date all the way back to 1991, and still look so good today.

They’ll be £125 at launch on 24th September here at Nike.

Air Max 96 II Mystic Teal

Nike Air Max 96 II Mystic Teal

The Air Max 96 II get yet another release this year, this time in the mystic teal colourway. The mostly white uppers are combined with black, and finished off with flashes of teal.

If you’ve wanted a pair of Air Max 96 II but missed out, these are available right now for £155 at Nike.

Nike Air Presto Multi Colour

Nike Air Presto Multi Colour

I have included the Nike Air Presto because I think they’re an interesting looking trainer. For those who want something a little different, these will fit the bill.

The Air Presto was released at the turn of the millennium, and these ones feature a striking multi colour design. The design is supposed to represent designs from a T-shirt, and interestingly come in lettered sizing rather than the standard numbers.

You can pick up a pair of these for £115 at Nike now.

Air Jordan 1 Low Starfish

Nike Air Jordan 1 Low Red White

I’ve never been a big fan of the Air Jordan 1’s, but the Low silhouette has been growing on me. There’s something about this colourway which just looks great.

The Air Jordan 1 Starfish are an orangey-red kind of colour which is hard to describe, but luckily you can see them here. I think these look pretty cool, and won’t look wrong with a casual outfit.

Air Max 95 Smoke Grey

Nike Air Max 95 Smoke Grey

When it comes to sports trainers, Air Max 95 are a good choice. The air soles are plentiful and really comfortable to wear, and these trainers look pretty cool.

The white trainers with a few shades of the grey combined with the red detailing look pretty cool. You can get these now for £165 at Nike here.

And those are the best trainers of September. These latest trainers are available to buy right now, or will be upcoming for the rest of the month.

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