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Paul Smith Zebra Bomber Jacket For A Spring & Summer Outfit

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Sunday, 21st May, 2023

Paul Smith Zebra Bomber Jacket In Navy Outfit

It’s been a while since I have posted an outfit post! We’re getting closer and closer to summer, and you can tell when the sun is shining in my eyes for any kind of photos I take.

I have a brand new jacket for this season, and it’s a brand which I know but don’t own too much of, it’s Paul Smith.

It’s perhaps my favourite style of jacket too, a bomber jacket. Here’s what you need to know about the Paul Smith zebra bomber jacket, and how I styled it in this outfit.

There’s no doubt I absolutely love bomber jackets. They are so versatile, you can wear them as part of a smart-casual outfit, or just when you want to throw on a jacket over really anything.

I have a lot of them, but my previous favourite which I still own, my Jaeger bomber, was looking a bit tired.

The search was on to find a replacement. Here’s what I was looking for:

  • A really soft cotton/jersey type of material
  • Bomber length
  • A flat V or round neck style neckline (i.e. no flap collar, shawl or anything like that)
  • Side pockets (proper side pockets, no ‘pouch’ style)
  • Navy colour
  • Minimal branding
  • Good material and fit

After quite a lengthy search, I found the Paul Smith Zebra jacket. It ticked all the boxes I wanted it to, and even ticked a few more.

The Paul Smith Zebra Bomber Jacket

First off I have to talk about the material. It’s organic cotton, but not only that, it’s a loopback construction. This makes it a really premium piece, with the backing of the fabric being knitted loops. This style is used in luxury pieces of clothing, in sweatshirts, hoodies and of course cotton jackets.

I have to mention the zips too. They are chunky and feel like top quality. I say zips because there’s not only one silver metal zip down the middle, the side pockets have zips too.

The collar, cuffs and waist are ribbed, in-keeping with the whole style of the bomber jacket.

To finish this off, There’s a funky zebra logo to the front breast. I was looking for very minimal branding so preferably no branding to the front, but the zebra is fairly small and isn’t too loud at all.

Overall I can say I am really happy with the jacket, and hopefully it should last me a good few years.

Paul Smith Zebra Bomber Jacket Close Up

How I Styled The Bomber Jacket

When it comes to picking outfits for bomber jackets, I have kept it really simple and clean in this one.

One reason I wanted a navy jacket is because it’s a staple colour which means it can go with more of less anything.

My favourite colour t-shirt to wear with navy is usually white, and that’s what I’ve gone for here. A crisp white t-shirt with the navy bomber.

To finish this off I’ve gone for a pair of indigo Levi’s 511 slim fit jeans, and my white Adidas Stan Smith trainers which you can’t see.

Spring/summer fashion is kind of strange in good old England. Sometimes it’s too cold for this type of jacket, and at times it’s too warm. At the moment we’re in the best time to wear a cotton bomber, with it being warm in the day but still not too hot to wear this jacket. On an evening it’s still plenty cool enough to wear this.

This Paul Smith jacket is really nice, so I’ll wear this quite a bit on a night out or when I want to go for a smart casual look. I’ll likely choose something else when I just want to wear something more casually, and save this for better occasions.

Let me know what you think of this, and bomber jackets as a whole for your daily style.

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