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Happy Socks Happy Birthday Pack Review

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Wednesday, 6th July, 2022

Happy Socks Happy Birthday Socks Review

What do you get a guy for his birthday that you know he’s going to use?

In the case of me, that’s going to be socks, boxers or fragrances. In this case it’s socks, and these are Happy Socks the Birthday Pack.

I’ve already talked about how many socks you should have, and as I’ve already said, I own way too many. But can you really have too many?

The great thing I always love about Happy Socks are the designs.

Having plain socks has it’s place, and I have plenty of those too. But colourful, printed or patterned socks are so cool to own, and really add something to any outfit.

They’re not just a novelty, they’ve turned into a real fashion statement. Depending on the design of the socks, you can even wear them in a mostly formal outfit if the occasion dictates. They can even create a talking point in a similar way to a pocket square would traditionally do.

But back to the Happy Socks Birthday Pack.

These socks do come down the more casual path. The print is novelty, with one being that of birthday presents, and the other being another birthday theme with balloons and geometric shapes.

One pair is black, with the other being sky blue. The prints on them are bright and bold neon types of colour, really standing out in the design.

As for the quality, it’s the same good quality as I’ve always got. These feel quite thick socks, rather than being light and airy.

In terms of the material composition it’s 86% cotton, 12% polyamide and 2% elastane which is the same as many of the Happy Socks you can buy now.

Overall I like the socks. The quality is good and I do like the pattern, although not my favourite from the brand.

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