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Fred Perry Striped T Shirt – Summer Outfit Of The Day

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Saturday, 27th May, 2023

Fred Perry T Shirt Outfit Of The Day

Hey guys!

We’re getting closer and closer to June which means summer, which means wearing a lot of T Shirts. I’ve already sorted out my wardrobe for what to wear this summer, and of course that means a lot of T Shirts.

I already have a lot, but this striped Fred Perry T Shirt is a new addition, and is something which I really like.

When it comes to the Fred Perry brand they have a few trademarks. One of them are the polos which they do. Fred Perry is so synonymous with a polo shirt a lot of people actually label all polo shirts as a “Fred Perry” (like Jacuzzi for all hot tubs!).

When it comes to their T Shirt range, their horizontal striped tees are definitely a mainstay of the brand.

What I love about the design of the stripes is that it can amazingly look very clean with a lot of lines and colours. This is definitely down to the fact in this t-shirt that I’m wearing they know exactly how to pair up the colours, and what stripes to use where.

There’s something about the clean lines in this that actually means it look which a crisp and clean looking t-shirt, despite not being plain and containing 4 colours.

The main body of the tee is dark blue, with wide light blue lines combined with slightly narrower white lines and then finally some fine pink lines.

The end result is a really nice looking T Shirt with a distinctive design without shouting about it.

Fred Perry is pretty good at these types of designs, using a few colours in the right way, and they all work together.

There’s no large slogans or graphics, instead just the plain and simple Fred Perry logo on the front breast in a small embroidered pink style.

Close up of the Fred Perry Striped T Shirt

The Fit

When it comes to the fit, I do like it. It’s kind of a hybrid of a regular fit and a fitted t-shirt. You could call this semi fitted.

When it comes to wearing t-shirts to be laid back and relaxed I prefer a loose or baggy fit. But when it comes to wearing something in a more smart-casual way, the fitted silhouette is the way I like to go. As far as a summer outfit goes, this makes a great option.

The material is nice, 100% cotton of course but it’s really soft. It’s a midweight cotton, not super fine for a hot summers day, but not too thin where you’d be cold on a cooler day.

I paired this up with a pair of navy chinos, and I think they work well together.

It’s a smart enough t-shirt which I’d wear in a smart-casual to casual type of setting.

Overall I like this tee, and it can be worn in quite a versatile way. I’ll wear this around the city, could take it on a holiday for around the town, by the pool or on the beach. Going to the pub to the beer garden in the summer? This could work there too.

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