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Daily Products – Grooming Essentials: September 2017

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Monday, 25th September, 2017

Monthly Favourite Grooming Products

I hope you’re well!

So I thought I would share my grooming essentials, the products I’ve been using daily (or more or less daily) this month.

I am quite loyal when it comes to some products, I know what I like and usually stick to those. However I do like to change it up sometimes, and try out other products, especially new ones. Here’s what I’ve been using in September as part of my daily routine.

Daily Wash & deodorant

For the general daily wash I have been using No.7 MEN energising hair and body wash. It’s pretty decent, I can’t complain and have a nice scent. For a face wash I have been using L’Oreal Men Expert which I think is pretty good.

For deodorant I use an antiperspirant spray, and have been using Dove MenCare for a long time. The Clean Comfort is one of my favourites, not much of a scent other than a “clean” smell. This is perfect for my as I use aftershave as a daily scent.


I don’t use my moisturiser as much as I should, and I have so many. The one I’ve been using lately is the Hydra energetic anti-fatigue moisturiser from L’Oreal MEN Expert.


I use an electric toothbrush, Listerine mouthwash and for toothpaste I always use Blanx. I’ve been using this for years, I occasionally try others, but for the most part I always use Blanx. I really like it, although it’s pretty expensive.


For washing my hair I use Head & Shoulders. Again, I am fairly loyal to this, I really like it, I think it works well, and leaves your hair fairly free of flakes you can get from using hair products.

Speaking of hair products, my favourite is 3D texture clay from Schwartzkopf, which I use when I go out or really want to make sure my hair is right. I have so many hair products which I use in some kind of rotation, but my texture clay is the go to product, it’s so reliable.


King of Shaves gel really is the king. I don’t like foam, or other gels which foam up. The gel works really well, I’ve lost count of how many years I’ve used this for. Not only a good product, but at a good price too. My aftershave balms have been getting a good run out, I’ve been using lots of different ones.

Since I ran out of my usual balms I’ve been using some I’ve got from various aftershave sets, The latest I’m using is my Acqua di GIO from Armani. It good and has that nice scent too.

Autumn Fragrance

I wear a lot of different scents as you know if you read my fragrance reviews. I could have put so many here, but for my Autumn fragrances I’ve gone for Tom Ford Noir. This is one of my favourites, I really like it, and it works well for Autumn, and pretty much any other season too. It’s dark and sensual, so best for evenings.

Others which I could have easily featured are Molton Brown Absolute Tobacco, Viktor & Rolf Spice Bomb, MR Burberry, and so many more.

That’s the products I’ve been using this month. I may change up some products for next time round.

What are your favourite products? Do you have any recommendations? 

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