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Cricket Jumper Outfit – Trending Style For Autumn

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Friday, 5th November, 2021

Cricket Jumper Outfit - My Style Of The Day

Hey guys!

Since the weather is getting colder and colder it’s just about time for the traditional knitwear. But before I get into all of that, I’ve decided to wear my cricket jumper once again.

It’s been in some sort of hibernation for quite a while, but I think it’s a trending style for this autumn.

I’ve seen a couple of people wearing them, and it seems they’re fashionable once again. I am glad about this, because I really like mine.

I got this one from DR Denim several years ago when I really got into this style. I’d usually wear it with a white shirt, but this time round I’ve layered it with a plain white T Shirt.

A shirt is obviously a smarter option, but I’m happy to wear a t-shirt underneath this. I think that white is the way to go, it compliments the cream colour of the jumper well.

There is just something about the style of the cricket jumper I really like.

It’s a V neck style collar, but with these types of jumper it’s a really wide and open collar. The V-Neck has stipe detailing in-keeping with the cricket theme, which I really think makes this knit so good.

There’s stripe detailing on the cuffs and the hem too, really giving it a stand out style.

Close up of the cricket jumper

The type of knit is one of my favourites too, it’s a cable knit. The cable knit style is in a striped type of design, setting off the look of the sweater really well.

In terms of the dress code, this one would be hard to categorise. It’s not really casual, and not really smart casual either. You could call this sports-smart, not that there is really such a category as that.

But I really like this style. I feel this this is more of a statement piece. I wouldn’t wear this a lot, as it’s very distinctive and is something I’d only wear now and again. Having said that, I might wear it a few more times in the coming weeks, or try out other layering combinations.

Let me know what you think of  cricket jumper style. They’re quite universal, and not thought of as autumn fashion, but that’s because they can be worn most times in the year.

I have worn this in the summer before. But as you can imagine it gets hot wearing it, so the autumn and spring are perfect seasons to put it on.

It’s great to have this as an option in my jumpers and sweaters collection, and offers something different to a traditional knit.

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