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Lacoste Elegance EDT: Blast From The Past

Thursday, 4th November, 2010

Lacoste Elegancewas one of my favourite fragrances which I had, I think I first got it in 2006. I have a bit of a habit re-buying them if I have loved them, I did that with Gucci Envy, and it took ages to find someone selling it.

Now i have re-bought Lacoste Elegance, in a bigger bottle aswell. Its old, so it wasnt very expensive, but the new bottle I got isnt a spray and i didnt realise 🙁 Its still the same great smell though.

The new bottle I got was only £15 and it’s 90ml. My old bottle is 50ml I think, and there is still a bit left, although I will throw it out now, since I have a newer bigger bottle 🙂

Lacoste Elegance, aka “Man smell” :mrgreen:

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