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Structure By Joico Hair Styling Products: First Look At These Men’s Hair Products

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Wednesday, 3rd April, 2019

Joico Structure Hair Products Review

If there’s one thing which I love, it’s to try out new products and see how they stack up against the products which I currently use, and in some cases, have been using for years. This is especially true when it comes to hair styling products, so when I had the chance to take a look at the Structure by JOICO I had to see what they were all about.

JOICO has relaunched it’s styling and finishing brand, named Structure, which has an entire suite of hair care products suitable for every guy’s hair, no matter what length it is, or what kind of style of finish you’re looking to create.

They sent over a couple of products, and these are the ones I’ve been taking a look at:

  • Joico Structure Shaper Creamy Paste
  • Joico Structure Paste Flexible Adhesive
  • Joico Structure Extreme Cream Glue
  • Joico Structure Beach Texture Spray
  • Joico Structure Stylemaker Dry Reshaping Spray

So far, I have used the Extreme Cream Glue, Shaper creamy paste as well as the paste flexible adhesive products to style my hair, and think that both products are great.

Structure By Joico Paste Review

Something which I really like about the products is the packaging. If you’re a complete novice when it comes to hair, and I’m not far away from that, there’s a hold level indicator on each of the products. This gives you information really easily and quickly, so you can see what kind of hold you’ll get from each product, which is a really simple but helpful addition.

The flexible adhesive paste is a really nice, it has a pleasant but really light scent, and is easy to work into the hair. It’s quite firm but is flexible, and gives off a matte finish which is my preference. It has a pretty high hold level, and since I prefer to spike my hair up a little, it works very well.

The Shaper creamy paste is, as you’d have guessed from the name, a more creamy paste than the other. It’s a little lighter, and offers less of a hold, but is still perfectly fine for my hair. It’s easy to work into the hair, and creates a nice amount of texture too.

The Extreme Cream Glue is for a super strong hold, and for me with short hair, there was not a need to use very much. I used this on damp hair, ran it through and styled it. The hold was really good immediately, and lasted the whole day. This gives off more of a wet look, and has that hard feel after applying, like other gel products do. I personally prefer the matte look from the other pastes, but if you’re looking for a wet look, the glue is the one to go for.

Overall I like these products. I can see myself using the Shaper creamy paste mostly during the day when I don’t need too much hold, and when I go out on an evening and want that extra hold, using the Paste. This is how I usually use my products, however if you prefer the extra hold for your work day, you could always opt for that.

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