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Lynx Urban Tobacco And Amber Daily Fragrance – Here’s How It Smells [Review]

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Wednesday, 17th April, 2019

Lynx Tobacco And Amber Fragrance Review

I’ve had this bottle of Lynx spray since Christmas, which is no surprise, since it seems like so many people get or receive their annual bottle of Lynx. This is Lynx Urban Tobacco & Amber, but is this a new generation of Lynx?

This is not a deodorant or antiperspirant, or your regular body spray, or at least, it’s not billed as such. This is what Lynx are calling a daily fragrance. So what’s it all about?

When my generation thinks of Lynx, it fondly remembers the brilliant days of the 90’s. Being a teenager you had to wear Lynx if you wanted to be cool, there simply was no alternative. Lynx Atlantis was my choice, but the one before that was Lynx Africa, which was perhaps the most loved (and got a re-release), and Lynx Inca in-between.

I would say these were the most popular bottles of Lynx, at least among my generation back in the mid-to-late 90s.

The big problem with this cult following is that it kind of became it’s biggest downfall, with people seeing it as a bit of a novelty, and not taken seriously. However in recent years, it has been making somewhat of a comeback, even if it has been kind of seen by many as a retro throwback.

I’ve had Lynx Black on the blog which were really good products, and now, this is a newer product, a daily fragrance.

So what does Lynx Urban Tobacco And Amber smell like?

I have to say, it’s very pleasant. I have plenty of fragrances which have tobacco and amber notes, most notably Molton Brown Tobacco Absolute. While that is very nice and pungent, this is more toned down, with the amber notes helping that a lot. The smoky notes make their presence felt, with a little bit of a kick of sweetness.

It’s kind of a weird scent when you think about when you’d actually wear it. This is an inviting scent, kind of dark and mysterious, and if it were an eau de toilette or parfum, I would say this is definitely for an evening. However, as this is a fragrance for everyday, you would imagine this would be worn every day.

It depends on what style of fragrance you like to wear. This would certainly not cause offence if you wore it to work, college or Uni, or just around town, and would work fine.

Who Is This Fragrance For?

This is definitely a scent I would wear, however since I have a huge collection of fragrances, I tend to wear a cologne/aftershave type when I want to wear a scent. But, for many, in fact probably most guys, the aftershave is reserved for a night out or other occasion.

When you want a splash of something to smell good and don’t want to reach for your signature scent, Lynx Tobacco & Amber could be that bottle. A few sprays in the key areas such as body, neck and wrists, and you’re good to go for a few hours.

If you want something which is not as long lasting as your aftershave or cologne, but still want to smell good, this is going to get you noticed.

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