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MR. Thicker Fuller Haircare System From Jamie Stevens

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Thursday, 30th March, 2017

MR. Jamie Stevens Thicker Fuller Review

I am always interested in trying out new hair care products, especially things like waxes and hair styling products, as there’s such a large number available. I have always had quite tough thick hair, at least that’s what my barbers and hairdressers have told me in the past, but as I am getting older I do wonder if, or when that may change.

MR. is a new hair care system from Jamie Stevens which are innovative products specifically designed for thicker, fuller hair. MR. sent over a couple of products to have a try of.

MR. Style Salt Spray

The MR. Style Salt Spray enhances the volume of your hair and adds some texture to your style. It contains thickening peptides and creates a matte finish leaving the hair soft. This costs £10.

MR. Style Wax

The MR. Style Wax is a very hard hair wax, almost like a clay, but obviously a softer compound. Containing beeswax and amino acids, it leaves the hair with a natural shine and promotes thicker, fuller hair. This also comes in at £10.

The full hair care system  contains everything you need in your hair style and care products. With Spray, wax and paste available for styling, shampoo and conditioner for cleaning, colouring spray for disguise and even gel and oil for your beard. It is available from Mr. Jamie Stevens online shop, or you can buy this from Boots .

If you are looking for some products to thicken your hair and give it a new lease of life, you should give this a look. You can check out all the best men’s hair products in my guide if you’re wondering what products you should use, and which is suited best to your hair type.

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