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How To Use Hair Wax: Easy 5 Step Guide On Applying Hair Wax For Men

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Tuesday, 29th October, 2019

How To Use Hair Wax - A Men's Guide

Hair wax is one of my favourite men’s hair products, and there’s plenty of reasons to love it.

However, you might be wondering, how to use hair wax?

I’m going to go into how to use and apply hair wax, and why it’s one of the best go to products to style your hair with.

Hair wax has a lot of good properties. It is easy and manageable to use, it gives a more on trend matte finish, and it has a good, firm hold. It’s one of the best men’s hair products on the market to use, and you should own.

If you’re wondering how to put wax on your hair, this guide is for you.

Product Used: Hair Wax

Hold: Medium

Style: Short hair / medium hair

Step 1: Small Pea Size Amount Of Wax

  • Start with a small pea size amount of wax
  • You can always add a little bit more, but can’t take it away once applied
  • Too much will give you an unwanted greasy look.

Step 2: Warm It Up

  • Warm up the wax by distributing it on your palms and rubbing them together.
  • Ensure you have a nice even amount on the palms of your hands

Step 3: Apply To Your Hair

  • Brush your hair with your hands, making sure you get good coverage
  • It should be a thin layer of wax, there should be no clumps

Step 4: Style Your Hair

  • Style your hair the way you like it
  • This can be manipulating layers and twisting ends
  • Manipulating the fringe up, down, to the side, or back
  • If required, add more wax, a little bit at a time

Step 5: Finishing Touches

  • Touch up any stray hairs
  • Ensure it looks the way you want it to

And that is how to use hair wax. It is a really easy product to use, and works well. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or hair style expert, wax is one of those products which works wonders and gives you a great look.

You can’t really go wrong, and there’s a lot of different hair styles you can try using wax. From a layered messy straight out of bed look to a blow back look and everything in between. Hair wax is something you should have in your grooming drawer.

If you’re looking for a harder compound, hair clay would be what to go for. This works best with shorter hair, and has similar properties as hair wax.

How To Remove Hair Wax For Men

Hair wax is a tough product, and that’s a good thing. But when you want it out of your hair, it can sometimes prove to be difficult. So:

How do you remove hair wax?

You can use warm water, and wash the wax out of your hair. This is one option which should work. After wearing your hair style all day, you might want to wash it out. This should be the way.

After washing, allow your hair to rest. Don’t add any more product to it.

If you’re looking to restyle, you can simply add more wax. This should be the way to go if you’re going to be adding more wax to your hair, rather than simply washing it out to re-apply.

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