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Jean Paul Gaultier Fleur Du Male Fragrance Review – Is It Better Than Le Male?

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Wednesday, 11th March, 2015

JPG Fleur Du Male Review

A couple of week’s ago I wrote about Jean Paul Gaultier’s first and most infamous male scent, Le Male. After really enjoying this scent I got Fleur Du Male when it was released in 2007. All the classic JPG trademarks are present; From the torso shaped body to the tin style of box this fragrance comes in.

With this following on from a much loved scent, it had a lot to live up to.

What Does Jean Paul Gaultier Fleur Du Male Smell Like?

I have to say that out of all the fragrances I own, this is sadly never been one of my favourites. It’s not horrible or offensive, but it just doesn’t hit any of the notes which I can honestly say I really love. It has a strange aroma to it;

Like the bottle and name it’s quite a white, flora smell, you get the hints of green and citrus and fresh notes, and traditionally I have always preferred something more woody or spicy.

It is however not bad. I would never wear this on an evening, but during the day, for work, uni or just general day wear, I can see a place for this. It works best in Spring or even summer, and it does pose a unique smell, with not many others wearing this you’ll smell like an individual rather than a robot.

I think it would be suited more to an older gentleman rather than a youngster, I don’t think it has enough of a kick for a 14 – 20 year old who wants to leave an impression with their scent;

However if you’re 25 and over you may appreciate the subtlety of this inoffensive scent.

If you do like this then I would recommend getting it now, and buying a few bottles; I have heard that it’s discontinued or being discontinued, there’s a couple of places still selling it, but as with other fragrances once this is gone it will be hard to find again.

I still have plenty in my bottle so won’t be rushing out to purchase, and it’s sadly not one which I will miss too much. Check out my men’s fragrance guide if you want to see what else I am loving.

Best season to wear – All
Scent type – Woody, Earthy, Aromatic
Age Recommendation – 25+
Best Worn – Day Wear, Casual, Formal, Evening

Top note – petitgrain

middle note – neroli

base notes – chamomile and basil.

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  1. Sam Said,

    I might have to find this in store, sounds quite promising. I cant lie, I really like the all white bottle design too!

    posted on Thursday 12th March, 2015 at 10:15