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Bang Bang By Marc Jacobs For Men Review

Thursday, 22nd May, 2014

Marc Jacobs Bang Bang Review

Bang Bang by Marc Jacobs was released in 2012 and should not be confused with Bang which was launched 2 years earlier. Bang Bang comes in a really nice, edgy bottle which is striking, and is the same bottle as Bang, however Bang Bang is a blue bottle where the previous model is a chrome/silver finish.

The scent is a warm and spicy one which is quite woody and oriental. It’s definitely one for the winter nights, it’s aroma will warm them right up. It’s like an old fashioned musky scent, but with a modern re-vamped and re-styled formula, with the woody musky notes complimented by smoky, aromatic and spicy scents. Great for a lads night out, it’s a really inviting scent, but be careful not to spray too much as it may get over powering as it’s quite strong from the beginning.

Best season to wear – Autumn/Winter
Scent type – Spicy/Woody/Aromatic
Age Recommendation – 23+
Best Worn – Evening, Date Night, Out With Friends, Casual

Top Notes – Coriander Seed Orpur, Cardamom Seed, Fennel Oil

Middle Notes – Clary Sage Absolute, Sandalwood, Patchouli

Base Notes – Benzoin Tears, White Amber, Cashmere Musks

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