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Z Zegna By Ermenegildo Zegna

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Sunday, 16th February, 2014


One of my old fragrances I have is Z Zegna by Ermenegildo Zegna. It’s a few years old now, but I have been using it again for a week or so, and I really love it 😀

As you will know if you read my blog I have so many fragrances, so wearing the same one a lot does not happen much, and I usually wear my favourite 10-15 all the time. That’s a big number, so when there are 50 or 60 more in my collection it’s really hard to decide which to wear and most of the time I just keep referring back to my favourites.

I decided on giving Z another chance, I remembered it was a pretty nice scent, so went back to it, and of course it is. It’s a refined, warm and inviting scent, probably best to wear at night, but works equally if you want to wear it through the day, a great choice for the office. It’s a classic masculine style of scent, not too woody but more of a fresh, youthful type of scent.

It’s definitely something I’d recommend, and if you want an individual smell which nobody else will be wearing, this is a great choice. It’s quite a few years old now, but still a great choice.

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