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Joop! Thrill MAN Review

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Wednesday, 12th March, 2014

Joop Thrill MAN

Joop! Thrill MAN is quite a recent fragrance, and was released in 2009, so is not too much of an old classic just yet. It comes in a pretty standard red bottle, no flashy gimmicks or novelty bottles, just a non eye catching bottle.

The scent itself is a very inviting one. It’s warm, and you can really get a sense of the vanilla when it first hits you. It’s designed to be a sensual and sexy fragrance, and it does give off those kind of aromas. For this reason, I would recommend wearing it on an evening. It would work great when going out with a girl, or just a general night out. There are only small hints of woody type notes, which are more spicy than musky, so if you prefer these you will not find it here.

Best season to wear – Autumn/Winter nights
Scent type – Aromatic/Spicy
Age Recommendation – 25+
Best Worn – Evening, Date Night, Casual

vanilla, woody, fresh, spicy, aromatic

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  1. Frag Mich Said,

    Why did Joop discontinue this frag? it was such a pleaser with less money. Hidden star!

    posted on Sunday 30th December, 2018 at 22:06
  2. Michael Said,

    I didn’t realise this has now been discontinued, it’s such a shame. I don’t know why Joop! discontinued it. They do have a few other scents which are liked by a lot of people, but I am not sure how similar they are. Thrill was never a firm favourite of mine, but it’s a nice enough scent. I’ve got just under half a bottle left, maybe you’ll be able to find a shop selling old stock.

    posted on Monday 31st December, 2018 at 15:43