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Yves Saint Laurent Pour Homme Eau De Toilette Review

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Thursday, 17th July, 2014

ysl pour homme review

The signature male scent from Yves Saint Laurent, Pour Homme has been alive longer than me, being launched in 1971. The bottle is a tall glass bottle, with quite a large red plastic upper part with the spray, which makes it feel pretty cheap.

This is a classic from the 70s and won an award back in 74. When you think of old traditional aftershaves you probably think woody, musky, but this is far from that. Spray it and you’ll instantly smell the rich lemon scent, which is very strong. I am not a huge fan of citrus scents, and if you don’t like them either, you may not like this. If you like a strong citrus smell, or want to give one a chance, this could be it. Once the lemon has hit, the drydown leaves a slight elegant scent.

I would recommend this for an older guy rather than a teen, as well as being for spring/summer and daytime wear, or would be great at the beach or on holiday.

YSL Pour Homme notes and information

Best season to wear – Spring/Summer
Scent type – Citrus
Age Recommendation – 25+
Best Worn – Daywear, Office, Summer Holiday, Casual

Top Notes – Lemon
Middle Notes – Thyme
Base Notes – Vetiver

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