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Acqua Di Parma Bergamotto Di Calabria Review – Here’s What It Smells Like

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Wednesday, 21st February, 2024

Acqua Di Parma Bergamotto Di Calabria Review by Michael 84

Thinking of what fragrance to wear in the summer?

It’s always on my mind, and I was looking for a new summer fragrance at the back end of last year.

I had a try of a few different ones, but Acqua Di Parma Bergamotto Di Calabria was a stand out fragrance for me.

Here’s why, and what it smells like.

After trying this one out in the summer I knew that I’d have it on my shortlist to buy. I got this one for last Christmas, ready to wear for the upcoming spring and summer.

It was originally released in 2010, but I first smelled this last year and decided that I was going to add this to my collection at some point.

This scent comes from the Blu Mediterraneo line from Acqua di Parma, and I already have Fico D’Amalfi which is excellent.

What Does Bergamotto Di Calabria Smell Like?

When I smell Bergamotto Di Calabria I am immediately hit with a fresh Bergamot citrus smell. That’s no shock given the name of the scent. Other notes include cedarwood, red ginger, vetiver, benzoin and musk.

I do get plenty of hints of the other notes, especially on the dry down. But the fresh citrus bergamot is the shining note that really makes this scent.

The other notes give off a slight fresh-spicy style, as well as very soft woodsy notes that do come through.

It’s such a good aftershave for spring and summer, with a really light feel perfect for when the sun shines.

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes – Bergamot

Heart Notes – Cedarwood, Red Ginger

Base Notes – Vetiver, Benzoin, Musk

Fragrance Accords


How Long Does Bergamotto Di Calabria Last?

Bergamotto Di Calabria has a reasonable longevity since it’s an eau de toilette and also a light scent by it’s nature. I get 4-5 hours with this scent before it starts to fade.

It will last most of the daytime, so great for going to the beach or wearing during the day will be fine.

How Strong Is Bergamotto Di Calabria?

When it comes to the power and strength or Bergamotto Di Calabria, it’s a scent you can smell without being overpowering.

It’s not one that you’ll smell from a long distance, but you will smell it on yourself and when near. It’s also quite a strong bergamot smell initially, so people will notice it.

How Many Sprays Do You Need?

When it comes to the number of sprays, you can spray this one quite a bit without over doing it. I spray 3 on my neck, left right and centre, along with the nape, 2 on the chest and 2 on the wrists.

That’s a total of 8 sprays for Bergamotto Di Calabria for full coverage.

Bergamotto Di Calabria Pros And Cons


  • Beautiful summer scent
  • Premium smelling citrus, fresh and inviting
  • Good longevity for a scent of this profile


  • Fairly expensive at over £100 for 75ml
  • Not the best pick for an evening, or in colder seasons

Bergamotto Di Calabria Bottle

The Aqua Di Parma Bergamotto Di Calabria bottle is the same as the rest in the Blu Mediterraneo line.

I have a 75ml bottle, with 30ml and 150ml bottles being available.

A translucent blue cylindrical bottle with a large top comes with the branding in a white square and the wording printed to the front.

Bergamotto Di Calabria Review by Michael 84

What Clothes To Wear With Bergamotto Di Calabria

When it comes to dressing for Bergamotto Di Calabria, it’s quite a casual scent. That means shorts and a t-shirt on holiday would compliment this well, or light clothing roaming around the city at home.

For suiting, a linen suit along with this scent will also compliment each other well, if you’re into looking more formal in the summer.

When To Wear Bergamotto Di Calabria

As mentioned throughout this, I feel that Bergamotto Di Calabria is a summer fragrance. It’s got that light citrus sweet style from the bergamot which is what this aftershave is all about.

So wearing in the summer, or warmer months, through the day or on a night out, this is where Bergamotto Di Calabria will shine.

Who Is Bergamotto Di Calabria For?

When it comes to who would wear this, I think Bergamotto Di Calabria is universal and suited to anyone.

It’s inoffensive, and I would say quite youthful. But if you want a light and playful scent that has a sophisticated feel to it, this is a good choice.

Where To Buy Bergamotto Di Calabria

You can buy Acqua Di Parma Bergamotto Di Calabria in all of the usual places, perfume shops and fragrance stores. It’s stocked in department stores Fenwick, Selfridges, John Lewis and others.

Fragrance Details

Longevity – Acqua Di Parma Bergamotto Di Calabria is an Eau De Toilette and a light fragrance. I can get 4-5 hours of this one, meaning it has fair longevity.

Projection – The projection is fairly decent for a scent of this profile. I can smell it on me, and others around me smell it too.

Best season to wear – Spring/Summer
Scent type – Citrus/Fresh-Spicy/Slight Woody
Age Recommendation – 18+
Best Worn – Daytime, Evening, Formal, Smart Casual, Casual

Top Notes – Bergamot

Heart Notes – Cedarwood, Red Ginger

Base Notes – Vetiver, Benzoin, Musk


I was looking for a good summer fragrance for this year, and Acqua Di Parma Bergamotto Di Calabria is the answer to that. It’s the perfect scent to add to my collection, and will be a contender for when I’m looking for a scent to wear this summer.

It’s now having it’s 14th birthday, but holds up perfectly well right now. It has a premium sophisticated feel to it that many other citrus type scent lack, and I’ll enjoy wearing this a lot.

Check out more in the fragrance blog, where there’s 100s of fragrance reviews, the place to find your next scent.

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