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What To Wear To A Summer Wedding

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Tuesday, 25th August, 2015


A summer wedding is a good thing for men’s fashion, and it’s an event you’re probably going to be attending at least once in your life, if not more times. We’re all growing up and getting married, with the summertime being the most preferable time for the big day.

Summer fashion and weddings go together well, it’s a time where you can express yourself in what you choose to wear, or keep it low key and classic.

What will you be wearing this year?

Read The Invitation, Is There A Dress Code?

You’ll of got an invitation, so if there is a particular dress code then it should be outlined on what you’re expected to wear. If not then you could ask someone in the wedding party if there’s a specific dress code you have to adhere to.

It could be black tie, which is as straight forward as it gets, but summer weddings are usually not this strict, and a smart outfit will fit the bill, which will require you to do some thinking on what to wear.

Don’t Upstage The Groom Or Wedding Party

The rule for girls is to not upstage the bride, which could be difficult considering she’s probably wearing a fully-blown wedding gown, but the same rules apply to me.

You want to look the part, but don’t outdo the groom. No ultra-formal attire, save the top and tails suit for another occasion.


Two Piece Or Three Piece Suit

The classic look to go for is either the two piece or three piece suit. Weddings these days, especially the summer ones, tend to air that little bit on the casual side, with members of the wedding party such as the ushers, best man and groom opting for a three-piece suit.

Being a regular guest you’ll not want to look like you’re trying to crash the party, so a two-piece suit should be the preference. It should go without saying when getting a suit, make sure you get a good fit, a badly fitted suit will look sloppy and wreck any look you’re going for.

When it comes to materials linen or cotton-linen blends are the go to fabric, which are lighter and cooler, especially beneficial if you’re somewhere hot.

A wool or wool-mix suit shouldn’t be too much of a problem in the cooler British summers, unless of course it’s a particularly (and let’s face it, unusually) hot day.

Please, No Black Suits

Summer is associated with bright colours and warm hues, and you should be dressing for the season. The classic black suit and tie is the go to for most men for every occasion, and it works every time, however it can look a bit cold for a wedding in the summer.

Keep your black jacket and suit for the Autumn and Winter.

Blue And Grey Are Your Friend

If your style is not to be too colourful or creative, then the other classic colours available to you are blue and grey. You can wear most tones from each colour, navy, mid and light blue; light, mid and dark grey.

Team up these with a light coloured shirt which goes with the desired coloured suit you’ve picked, and you’ll be almost done.

Pastel colours go really well with both grey and blue, and do make a lot of difference from wearing a white shirt. When it comes to what colour shoes that go with a blue suit, brown shoes work very well.

Don’t Forget Your Personal Style

Weddings can be a long old day, and sometimes evening too, so you want to be comfortable with whatever you’re wearing. This means wearing something you’re comfortable wearing, but you’ll want to show off your personality too.

This can be done in a big way with the colour of the suit you wear, or in a more subtle way with accessories such as a tie, pocket square and even cufflinks. The small, subtle details are something to be thinking about.



Tailored Separates – Mixed Suits

You may not have come across the term tailored separates before, but you’ll of seen the style. Tailored separates simply means mixing up a blazer or suit jacket with a different colour pair of trousers.

This is  my favourite look and something which looks very modern and stylish if pulled off right.

There are many benefits to this, you can create a much more summer vibe with your outfit using different colours, as long as you stick to a colour palette which is not too bold, it will fit in well with a wedding, you’ll look smart with a casual edge.

Try some beige trousers with a light blue jacket, mid blue shirt and some loafers, along with a tie and pocket square to complete the look. A navy jacket could work with a pale blue shirt along with some off white or stone coloured trousers.

Summer Shirts

When it comes to summer style for choosing a shirt colour, white is timeless and will go with anything. But you may want to switch it up and go with something a little more colourful.

As mentioned, pastel colours and pale colours will work well, adding a dimension without being too bold or bright.

Make sure the colour works well with the colour of your suit separates if you plan on going down that route. Pale blues, reds and greens can work, as well as lavender and yellow, sticking to plain fabric or simple discrete patterns such as tonal stripes.


There’s a huge choice when it comes down to shoes, in both style and colour. This comes down to the look you are going for, from smart shoes with a sharp suit, to a more smart-casual pair of shoes with separate tailoring.

You can check out the shoe guide which showcases all the types of shoes you can wear, from Oxford to Brogues, Derby shoes and more.

Final Word

Dressing for a summer wedding can be a good way to show off your personal style and dress in a smart manner, while injecting some colour you may not always have in your everyday look. Remember to conform to the dress code if there is one, and you’re not trying to upstage the groom, you want to look stylish and sharp without looking like you’re over-doing it.


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