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Monday, 14th November, 2016

The Worst Fashion Purchase Ever?


Since I am a fashion blogger I get to see so many clothes, fashion and styles from a huge number of brands. I also notice so many trends, and have jumped onto many, and for some things, really been at the forefront of some trends which later go on to become more mainstream which I think is cool. But fashion is fashion, and we can all get it wrong at some point, or maybe get it right at the right time, but later have that “What was I thinking” moment! :mrgreen: As the old saying goes, fashion is temporary, style is forever.

I think my worst ever fashion purchase was this Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier hoodie. It’s a burnt reddish-orange/brown dip dye type of colour, with embroidered graphics and full of rhinestones. Back in 2006-2010 Ed Hardy was really popular, and were one of the things to own, and seen as a real statement piece, and probably were the streetwear of their day. The designs were tattoo inspired, and were over the top and filled with colours and usually rhinestones. Rhinestones are not your typical thing to have on men’s clothing, but it was done in such an edgy way that the pieces became a hit, and everyone wanted at least one piece of Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier.

What makes this the worst fashion purchase ever is two key things, the price and the number of times I wore it. The cost? £245! Yes, that much for a hooded sweatshirt. I still remember buying it, there was the choice of this one, or the same design but in a dip-dye blue colour. It was over Christmas and I went down to London for Christmas shopping, and bought it in Selfridges along with a lot of other stuff. One of the worst things is that I hardly wore it, I’ve worn it maybe 9 or 10 times, and never actually worn for years, probably since that Winter.

I probably wouldn’t pay as much for such a piece, It was street style designer back then, but as the years have gone on my ideas have changed, and I would only spend large amounts of money on investment pieces or from labels that have stood the test of time. Having said that, it was a big brand back then, and sometimes you just have to live in the moment. I’ll probably always keep this, you never know, it could come back in style like the 90’s trends have 😛

What’s the worst fashion purchase you’ve made? Check out more pics below…

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Wednesday, 2nd November, 2016

Daily Street Style – Light Blue Shirt & Suede


Hey guys!

For this street style type post I decided to wear one of my favourite suede jackets. It’s from JOFAMA a Swedish brand which does a lot of good work with leather jackets, and I picked this up a while back. If you read my blog a lot, you’ll have seen it before, I wear it a lot in Autumn and Spring when I can (when it doesn’t rain!) and as you’ll know from reading my suede jackets for Autumn guide, I really do love this type of leather. I love the detailing on this, especially the shoulders, biker style collar with button, and the zip details on the sleeves.

I paired it up with a light blue shirt, this one is from Santillo, a family ran Italian independent fashion label which has been in business for over 40 years. Italian shirts are well known for their high level of craftsmanship, and this one is no different. You really can feel the difference in the quality, and I love the fit too.

I am still loving my grey/off-white chinos, and as long as the weather holds up, this colour is fine to wear for all seasons. I like the way that the lighter colours of the chinos and shirt bring out the dark blue of the jacket. As for footwear I went for my black derby shoes from Kurt Geiger. They’re my most worn, and they probably need a bit more love and care, since they’re black I wear these most and are my go to shoes.

Check out more pics below and let me know what you think, and for more of this check out the street style blog 🙂


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Monday, 17th October, 2016

Daily Style – Mint Cashmere Knit For Autumn


Hey guys!

I hope you’re all having a good day so far.

For my daily style today I am wearing one of my favourite jumpers, it’s a mint green cashmere knit, and it’s from H&M.

It’s made from pure 100% cashmere, not a blend, and came from a premium line H&M did a while back.

Even though I have had this a while it’s still one of my favourite jumpers because of the colour; I love it!

This is an oversized style which isn’t actually my favourite, I prefer a more slim fit of style, but for jumpers it’s completely acceptable, especially when it gets colder and colder.

It makes it really nice to wear as a casual piece when lounging around, or out and about as a smarter piece.

I paired it with my Mango MAN light grey chinos; I wrote in my how to style white jeans that light and white jeans can actually be worn in any season and not just Summer, and I think they work well with the mint green knit for a brighter Autumn outfit.

Obviously it’s better to check the weather and make sure it’s not going to rain 😉

To finish this off I wore it with a classic white shirt underneath which you can just see peaking out, which keeps everything looking light, and my Kurt Geiger Suede Derby shoes which I got earlier this year and have became one of my favourite pieces of footwear.

Check out more pics below, and Let me know what your favourite Autumnal pieces are 🙂


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Monday, 10th October, 2016

Daily Style – Adidas ZNE Hoodie


Hey guys!

One of the most coveted hooded tops this season has got to be the Adidas ZNE Hoodie from the brand new athletics collection from Adidas. I saw this back in September and loved it, and it was released several weeks ago and has already proved to be extremely popular. I managed to grab myself one, and I have to say I think it’s really good!

First of all I have to talk about the design, it’s so good! It comes in a range of colours, but the white really stands out. It’s crisp and clean, which makes it a pretty stylish hoodie. It has a black zipper straight down the middle which gives the top an added edge, as does the other contrasting asymmetrical black stripe going down from the top to left shoulder.

The design is finished off with the trademark Adidas logo and branding on the left sleeve.

It differs from other sweatshirts and hoodies for several reasons. First of all the material it’s made from is a mix of cotton, polyester and elastane, with the end result being a good fitting, soft but durable honeycombed feel of the outer, with the inner feeling very soft and smooth, rather than the fluffy interior you may find in a standard hoodie.

The funnel neck is perfect for keeping warm while outside on a run or doing other activities, zip pockets and the cuffs come with hideaway and thumb holes, as you can see from the photos, keeping hands warm but free for the best movement.

It’s a must have for Autumn and Winter if you love to get out there for a run, the ZNE hoodie is stylish and practical. It’s sold out fast almost everywhere, but you can get it from JD Sports for £65 here.

Let me know what you think, and check out more pics below 🙂

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Tuesday, 4th October, 2016

Daily Style – Red And Burgundy Vibes For Autumn


Hey guys!

So Autumn is definitely here, the leaves are falling, so for this daily style look I decided to go for a bit of a red, burgundy colour.

I really love this knit, it’s a cardigan from Mango MAN, and this is the right season to bring out woollen garments and pair them up with some classic clothing.

I went for a white shirt, the most universal and versatile of all shirts, and a pair of one of my favourite Selvedge Denim jeans, from PRPS.

You may remember about my Ted Baker Mission Impeccable post, I shared some of my favourite pieces from their Autumn 2016 collection.

I am wearing a pair of Ted Baker suede brogues from the collection, which compliments this look well, with the red and brown colour working well with the cardigan, jeans and shirt.

The detailing on the shoes is something which I really love, and the double laces are quite interesting, something I don’t currently have on any of my footwear.

A shirt and cardigan combination is one of my favourite go to looks for a smart casual style, so you’ll probably see a lot more going forward in the coming months.

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Thursday, 22nd September, 2016

Duck And Cover AW16

Duck And Cover AW16

Duck And Cover have launched their Autumn/Winter 2016 for this season, which features all the pieces you’d need to keep you on trend and warm for the cooler weather. The collection includes shirts, jackets, jeans, sweatshirts and knits, as well as a couple of beanies to keep your head warm and dry when the chill hits in the coming months.

They’ve sent over a couple of my favourite pieces which I have styled, which includes one of their T-shirts with a quilted bomber jacket and a pair of selvedge jeans.

The T-shirt I selected is deep navy tee with small tonal graphics to the top front of the chest of the shirt. The graphics are minimal and small, as well as being tonal, so keeps the tee understated and not too graphic orientated which I prefer for this look.

As you’ll know from reading my blog on various denim posts, I love selvedge denim, and for this season Duck & Cover have a few pairs of denim, including the use of the coveted selvedge. These come in a regular-tapered style so more loose and casual, with the dark wash always being stylish. My favourite piece from the collection is this quilted grey jacket.

It’s soft and smooth and comes with a quilted pattern and feel to it, with the lighter colour brightening up the whole look and really complimenting the dark tee and jeans well. All these pieces are available at Duck & Cover here.

Check out more photos and my picks from the AW 16 collection below.

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Monday, 12th September, 2016

Daily Style – Green And Blue Check Shirt


Isn’t the saying blue and green should never be seen?

This is one of my favourite casual shirts, it’s from Mango MAN. I wore this with a white tee a couple of weeks ago and I think it’s a really good combination.

Autumn is here but it’s actually been really nice weather which is always odd…Every year we seem to have really great Septembers, but the actual Summer months of August and July always seem underwhelming, right?

I love Autumn fashion and style, as well as Autumn knits I think that layering up some check shirts is a really cool style, and works just as well in early Autumn as it does in Spring. I wore this shirt with a Derek Rose premium white T-shirt, one of my favourite white tees.

I’ve featured this is my basic T-shirt guide which I written about a while ago and collaborated with the best premium basic companies, and this one is definitely one of my favourites. You can’t really see the jeans, but they’re black soft denim from Armani Jeans.

More of the look below

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Tuesday, 16th August, 2016

Today’s Style – ASOS Ecru Jeans With Red Hugo Boss T-Shirt


Hey guys!

So we’re apparently getting a bit of a heatwave again…Actually it’s only a couple of days of sun. I have been so busy with work that sadly I can’t do anything with these couple of days we have…Hopefully we’ll get some more before the Winter comes!

So today I wore my ASOS ecru jeans which have the distressed and ripped parts to them throughout. I’ve featured these on the blog a few times, they are really skinny, in fact “Super skinny” style which is not my favourite, but with the stretch in the fabric it makes these really easy to wear. I’m wearing them with my solid red Hugo Boss T Shirt which comes from the BOSS Green label, which is a contemporary sporty casual line from Hugo Boss. I styled them with some red Converse which I rarely wear these days.

More pics below… Enjoy the sun while you can 🙂


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Tuesday, 26th July, 2016

Beach City Style At The Coast

Beach Style Which Works in the city too

As you’ll have already read, last week we had the best Summer’s day of the year (so far), it was really hot so I decided to go to the beach and walk along the coast. There were lots of guys walking around the promenade and even in the city with their shirts off…We get 1 hot day in Newcastle and England and people definitely overreact! :mrgreen: You should definitely keep your shirt on, if you want to take it off save that for when you are at the beach, on the sand or in the water, or if you’re lucky enough to be by a pool.

I love the nautical style for Summer, and I have 3 or 4 different striped tees, they’re all fairly similar. Summer also means lighter bottoms which I like, it gives me a chance to wear some coloured or lighter chinos or jeans. I think when it comes to picking out your clothing for something like this, you need to choose something versatile which can work in both a city situation around a lot of people, and the beach location which will be a lot more relaxed.

I wore this Nautical T-Shirt from ASOS, a pair of light chinos from Mango and my Nike Air Max 1 Ultra Moire which I really love. It’s finished off with my Ran Ban Aviators and my D&G watch.

Check out more pics below

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Friday, 13th May, 2016

Styling My Super Skinny ASOS Jeans

ASOS Super Skinny Jeans With Nautical T-shirt and Ugg Shoes

Hey guys!

OK first of all, I have a new hair colour…It’s darker brown! 😀 I love this colour, and haven’t dyed my hair in ages, but I’ve finally got round to it, a bit too late, it needs to be cut so I’ll end up having to dye it again. I used to buy Excell 10 which I really liked, number 4 “Natural dark brown” which was dark, but then they stopped selling it, so I had to switch to Nice n Easy, I tried their same colour but it didn’t seem to be as dark, so I’ve went darker to 3.5 and I love this colour, so I’ll be keeping it 🙂

A while back you’ll know I got a few things from ASOS, these jeans and some nautical tops. We’ve finally had some good weather, and will hopefully get some more going forward, so I was able to style these items this week and took a couple of shots.

How Skinny Are ASOS Super Skinny Jeans?

As I’ve already mentioned, I misread these jeans and thought they were just regular skinny fit, which I quite like, but then when they arrived I realised that they were actually super skinny. What’s the difference? Well the name tells no lies, they really are super skinny, they’re skin tight! 😀 The legs really are like drainpipes, clinging to your legs, but the waist is quite regular and the denim has some stretch in it, making them comfortable. The leg opening is tight too, luckily they are made from soft denim, so are comfortable to wear.

The jeans are ecru in colour which I really like for the Spring/Summer, and have really cool distressed patches which I really like. If you’re looking for advice on light colour or white denim, check out my what to wear with white jeans guide.

The Outfit

I wore these jeans with another ASOS item, the navy nautical T Shirt. This came in a two pack with the other being a colour reverse of this one, a white base and navy stripes. I think colour blocking this darker top with the ecru jeans looks really nice. It’s finished off with my Ugg suede shoes in blue, these are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned, I can’t quite believe they count as shoes and not the more comfortable trainers. I also wore my Ray Ban Aviators along with my D&G Watch.

Hopefully we’ll get lots of sun this year so we can all wear lots of summer fashion 😉


ASOS Ecru Jeans With Striped Tee For Summer

My ASOS Nautical T Shirt

ASOS Super Skinny Patches Jeans In Ecru

My Ugg Suede Shoes In Blue

Monday, 9th May, 2016

Styling The Kurt Geiger Jenkins Grey Derby Shoes For Spring 2016


When it comes to shoes, I really love the derby style. It’s the one style of shoe I will busy time and again, and really love. Derby shoes are a smart shoe, and can be worn for almost any occasion; From a summer wedding to a night out, they’re pretty versatile when it comes to pairing them with your fashion.

I already own a pair of Kurt Geiger derby shoes, and in fact they’re my second pair, after getting those last year as my go-to smart footwear choice.

I’ve got the brand new Kurt Geiger Jenkins derby shoes for this Spring, and I simply love them. Like a standard derby shoe they’re suitable for both a smart and casual setting, but these are grey, and also genuine suede, which will add a new dynamic to putting together an outfit.

As we know, these are a pair of shoes every guy should own, because of their versatility, and because they’re just so stylish.

The grey colour is something I really like. It’s something different to the traditional black formal shoe, and these will brighten up an outfit for this season while still being fairly understated. Suede means taking extra care with these, but that should not be a problem.

This combination adds a more casual element to a style which is usually more formal, but these shoes are still really smart and will make any outfit pop.

I have styled them in a sort of rock star look 😀

Wearing my favourite black Selvedge Nudie Jeans, along with a plain white tee and leather black jacket from Selected Homme, it’s a really simple outfit to put together, only three items of clothing plus the shoes, but a look I really like.




Monday, 18th April, 2016

Styling The Kurt Geiger Niles Oxford Shoes In Brown For Spring

Styling the Kurt Geiger Niles Brogues

Brogues are a style of shoe which I have never previously owned. Brogues are all about the detailing, the perforations are what give a pair of shoes the brogue title. There’s many variations, from a full brogue/wingtips to half brogues and quarter brogue, they’re defined by the amount, and style of perforations which are on the shoe design.

Kurt Geiger sent over these brogues which are part of their brand new Spring/Summer 2016 collection for me to take a look at and style up. The Kurt Geiger Niles shoes are a pair of Oxford shoes with classic brogue detailing, they’re a really nice pair of shoes and I have them in this stylish brown colour.

The “W” and all over toe perforations indicate the brogue style. I’ve always thought of brogues as a more smart-casual style of footwear, rather than a classic Oxford or derby style of shoes. Getting these in this brown option is perfect for a smart-casual outfit, and since they’re quite a light-to-mid brown they’re a great colour for the Spring/Summer season ahead.

As we know brogues are one of the shoes that every man needs, with their laid back edge combined with the smart look when combined with the right clothing. They can really make an outfit stand out, and going for a colour like this one, they become distinctive and stand out for the right reasons.

I have gone for a smart casual style for this outfit, and paired the shoes with a pair of indigo H&M Selvedge denim jeans, Junk De Luxe cardigan and GANT check shirt. I think the shoes really compliment the rest of the outfit, and keep the whole outfit looking really smart.

What do you guys think? 🙂


Kurt Geiger Niles Brogues With Indigo Denim Jeans