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Friday, 25th March, 2016

Spring Fashion Style – Purple And Grey


Hey guys! 🙂

Spring is here (apparently) so I thought about styling some fashion with that in mind. With warmer months brighter and more colourful options become valid, not that you need a reason to add a splash of colour to your outfit, but it’s a good reason 😉

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Friday, 18th March, 2016

Men’s Style – Simple Clean Shirt, Jacket & Jeans


Just a little street style post for you today 🙂

March is here which is supposed to mean Spring, but you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s still Winter, since it’s probably colder now than it was in December! 😛 Anyway, I have decided that I will be shaving off my beard/tash for the Spring/Summer….I did a similar thing last year, when I went clean shaven from 1st June. I have decided that this year I am going to do it earlier, and do it for Easter. It’s now becoming a bit of a tradition; Clean shaven for summer, beard to keep my face warm for Winter 😛

I decided to shoot this photo in black and white, I am wearing a combination which I really like; Smart jacket, shirt and pair of jeans. I am wearing a jacket from Minimum, the shirt is from Jaeger and the jeans are from Nudie Jeans.


Friday, 29th January, 2016

Street Style At Michael 84 – Gant Cable Knit


You may have noticed a new option on my menu in the last week or so, called Street Style. That’s because I have created a whole new section called…Street Style! Last year I took quite a few fashion photos of outfits and clothing, and they didn’t really have a good category to fit in. The men’s fashion category is usually for writing about brands and what’s going on in the fashion world; Lifestyle is about guys lifestyle or what I’ve been up to, so it sort of fits in there. But I think the best way to categorise this type of post is street style, so I have created a brand new category, where you’ll find all these types of shots.

Of course a few years ago I did experiment with my look book category, which was as much of a technical exercise as anything else. It was good to try out and create a section on the blog which only had images with no text so people could just have a browse, and then go in depth with the photo by clicking it; I still have that page on the blog but I don’t really promote it as much as I used to, but it does still exist 😉

I thought I would kick it off in 2016 with this look…It’s actually from last year but I was too busy with other stuff on the blog and couldn’t fit it on. I am in Newcastle down the Quayside which is such a cool place. I am wearing Nudie Jeans along with a Gant cable knit jumper, a white shirt, Kurt Geiger boots and a He By Mango suede jacket.




Tuesday, 12th January, 2016

First Weekend Out In 2016 Calls For Cardigans & Leather Jackets!



On Saturday night it was my first weekend night out in 2016, I have been hibernating and I think I should go back to hibernating for a few more weeks! The proper Winter weather is now setting in, we seemed to have had endless rain for weeks, and now it’s becoming icy cold with sub zero temperatures. It’s definitely a time to layer up, which I actually love from a fashion point of view, if it could only warm up just a little and never rain 😉

On Saturday night I wore this blue cardigan which I got a while back from Mango which I love. The crisp white shirt is from Jaeger, after I got one I liked it so much I had to get another. The leather jacket is a piece I really like, and it’s actually a really light jacket which is better in the Spring or Autumn but is fine to wear as long as you layer up. It’s from Selected Homme and I added this to my collection around this time last year.

I’d actually love to wear my suede jackets, I have a couple and I really love them, but they are no good when you know it’s going to rain. Hopefully I will get my wear out of them this year, and we’ll have some cool but dry days and nights. You can check out the rest of my looks on the street style blog here.

On Saturday night we went to places like The Long Bar, The Union Rooms, The Milecastle (that’s a lot of “the’s” haha 😉 ) Revolution and Mimo, and it was really good as it always is in Newcastle. It started off quiet in the town, which you’d expect straight after New Year and Christmas, but then picked up a bit later on. In Revolution the tunes were amazing! The DJ was really good, playing a proper mix of everything from Tinie Tempah to The Jackson 5, the track selection was so good, and that’s what a DJ is about, playing music! He had his name on his laptop, so If you wanna check him out (or maybe you’ve heard him in Newcastle before) it was DJ LKP

Wednesday, 18th November, 2015

Men’s Autumn Style – Leaves And A Santillo Shirt


Hey guys! I hope you are well. How Autumnal are these pictures?! :mrgreen: I really do love the Autumn, and we’re having the most odd one in years, It was 15C the other day…In November! That is quite insane.

I have been talking with Finaest, an Italian boutique set up by Luca Gianmaria Catalano, which offer luxury fashion with history and the best craftsmanship. I discovered this light blue shirt, from the label Santillo. Santillo was founded in 1970 and is a family run business, with a high emphasis on quality craftsmanship. All their shirts are hand made from high end Italian cloth, and offer both bespoke and ready to wear products.

The shirt feels amazing and I love the fit. I have tried to do a close-up shot so you can see the quality of the cotton which is remarkable. It has no front placket, often called a French front placket, and Australian mother of pearl buttons. You can get this shirt in light blue, or other colours at Finaest here.

I wore the shirt with some navy blue chinos, my Jaeger grey jacket along with Kurt Geiger derby shoes. The outfit is finished off with a D&G watch and classic white pocket square. Remember to check out more of my fashion tips, including what to wear this Autumn.






Tuesday, 3rd November, 2015

Men’s Fashion Tips – Suede Jacket For Autumn 2015


Autumn is a really good season for jackets of any kind. First of all since it’s after summer it’s getting cold, and gets progressively colder, which means a jacket goes from a casual item you may throw on, to a piece of clothing which you can’t leave the house without. There’s a huge amount of different jackets to wear, from a traditional leather jacket to a cotton bomber, a nylon light jacket or a light quilted jacket, there’s plenty on offer. However a favourite of mine for Autumn has to be a suede jacket.

I got this suede jacket last time round from Nelly. It’s by Jofama from the King 1 line, a Swedish fashion house specialising in premium fashion and leather. It’s a navy blue suede jacket in biker style, and I just love it. To wear it feels really premium and luxurious, the fit is brilliant and there’s lots of detailing such as the diamond quilted shoulders.

Suede keeps you warm enough when the temperatures are starting to get a little bit lower, and this style will keep you looking cool too 😉 Be wary of the rain, suede is not good when it rains, you can get protective sprays, but if you know it’s going to rain you probably want to choose another jacket.

I took these photos at Tynemouth Beach which I have never featured on the blog before. I forget that living in the North East we have so many great locations, the city is so good, there’s plenty of idyllic spots and we have a few blue flag beaches too!

I wore the jacket with my 90’s reissued Calvin Klein T-Shirt, A.P.C denim and Ultra Moire Air Max 1, all pieces which are favourites of mine 🙂 (Watch by D&G and Ray Bans, it was sunny! 😛 )

What do you think of the suede jacket trend? Read more about my favourite men’s fashion trends for the season and beyond.







Monday, 26th October, 2015

Newcastle Saturday Night – Ouseburn, Quayside, Town


Bad hair day! 😛 | Red !Solid Jeans, Black DNKY Shirt, Grey Alfred Brown/M&S Jacket

Hey guys!

I hope you had a good weekend. Mine was good and bad, Saturday night was good, but the derby…Newcastle lost 3-0, largely due to a penalty and a player getting wrongly sent off! Anyway, I would have wrote this yesterday but I was so tired! I guess that’s the sign of a good night out.

I technically got back in after 3AM, and since the clocks went back at 2 it was really 4AM, and went out earlier than I usually do, so I guess I must of drank a fair bit, although I didn’t really feel any drunker than usual. We started off at the Ouseburn for a change and went to a few places around there like The Tyne Bar, The Cluny and Nancy’s Bordello, then a couple of places on the Quayside like The Akenside, Popolo, The Redhouse, Eye of The Tyne and Tiger Hornsby, then finished the night in Perdu.

I wore my red !Solid jeans with a black shirt and grey jacket; I wanted to add some colour to my outfit and think that this works well for Autumn. I love the red bottoms with the grey jacket, I think the two colours work well together, the grey calms down the red which could have otherwise looked really loud. As for shirts I could of gone for a white shirt or striped top which would of worked well, but I wanted to try a black shirt with this.

Here are a couple of pics from the night, mainly of the Quayside…I love my city! :mrgreen: (They were taken with my phone)






Thursday, 22nd October, 2015

Men’s Autumn Style – Many Shades Of Blue


For Autumn I really love two colours, blue and black. I have always thought of blue as a bit of a safe boring colour, but lately I have been looking more at it, and what you can do with it. I have been inspired to create this look, which combines all different kinds of blue. The idea came from where I’ve seen a few people wearing dark blue suits with slightly lighter blue shirt, which gave the look more dynamic and it doesn’t look too much of the same shade of blue, which could look boring or strange depending on the shade.

So I decided to give this a try. The jacket is part of a suit, however I have decided to go for a smart casual look rather than the smart look the jacket was intended for, and teamed it up with some darker navy chinos. I then have my navy blue Ugg shoes, once again a different colour blue to break it all up without it being too different. The shirt is CK from Calvin Klein, and the outfit is finished off with a favourite blue gingham pocket square from ASOS.

Different shades of blue, a good style for Autumn 🙂 Check out more of my street style fashion which includes more tailoring as well as casual looks and inspiration.




Wednesday, 14th October, 2015

Autumn Style Check – White Jeans & Light Knits


I do love my white jeans, and they are primarily a summer thing, but just because Autumn is here it doesn’t mean you have to put away the white jeans until next year. I decided to give my white jeans some extra time in Autumn and they work really well with the right sweater or knit, and a jacket.

White jeans are one of those fashion pieces that you have to be brave enough to wear, because in mainstream menswear there’s not a lot of guys walking around in them, especially in Autumn. But you can pull of this style with a good complimenting upper half.

I really love this knit. The colour is amazing and it’s a colour I don’t have in my wardrobe. It’s also a super soft top, and is from the Cashmere H&M collection last winter. I don’t know what happened to it since last year, but it appears to have got a lot longer, I don’t recall it being so long! 😉

Along with the aquamarine knit I have gone for my Selected Homme leather jacket. I really love this, and it’s a light jacket, so wearing it with layers will not leave me overheating, and is a good weight for Autumn. I also have a pair of aqua Converse, which are perfect for this and a great reason to wear them 😉

What do you think of this look? Check out some more of my >men’s fashion ideas on how to style white jeans this season.




Wednesday, 7th October, 2015

All Black And White Men’s Styling With Nudie Jeans, Prada & Air Max


I have been writing this blog for years now, and I rarely shoot photos on locations, which I should really start doing a lot more. I live in Newcastle, it’s an amazing city, it has so many great buildings and cityscapes, there’s plenty of cool backdrops for creating some amazing images, not to mention it’s close by to a couple of beaches too!

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Monday, 28th September, 2015

Test Driving A Tailored Custom Made Suit


Recently the guys over at Tailor4Less got in touch with me to ask if I wanted to test drive their service. They are a retailer who offer a complete custom suit service online with a plethora of options including choice of fabrics, fit, style, size and as far as finishing touches such as embroidered detailing on the inside of the jacket. I took them up on the challenge and got to work picking my suit.

How It Works

They have a very straight forward system online where you can select all the options you want. Due to the sheer number of options it seems a little daunting at first, but if you spend a little bit of time with it and have an idea of what you’re looking for you’ll be fine. The most popular combinations are pre-selected, and you can choose your own at every step, or just do a bit of gentle refining of the pre-selected options. Then pick out your fabric, choose from colour, season, composition and pattern. Once you’ve selected this you’ll then be able to add some personal touches such as embroidery, different colour jacket lining, types of buttons, elbow patches and more.

The Sizing

Next you’ll have to enter your measurements. There’s ten or eleven measurements to enter, and if you’ve never had custom made clothing before most of the measurements you’ll probably not know, with the exception of waist and collar sizes since they’re used a lot. There’s a handy bit of help with putting in your height and weight, but the whole idea of this is to create the best fitting suit for yourself.

It’s may be a better idea to get someone to measure you, but I was able to do this myself. I took two measurements; One from myself, and another from another suit jacket I like the fit of, so I could refine the size down to something very much fitted. It did not take long, and once the information was entered the order was placed.

Suit Received

It took around 10 days for my suit to arrive, which I think is fast for a tailored service. It came packaged in a small-ish box, I actually did not believe that a whole suit was inside, but both the trousers and jacket were inside the box. It also came with a hang bag, and a simple white pocket square.

The Fit

It’s a tailored suit, so the entire point of this is about the fit. I have to say I was apprehensive ordering and having to put sizes in myself and hoping everything would be OK, but I am happy to say the suit really does fit very well.

The Quality

At the price-point which these suits retail at they are decent quality. The suit I selected was 100% wool with a weight of 280gms this is considered by most as light to mid-weight. The lining is of fair quality, and there appears to be some small errors such as the pattern or stitching to be slightly off. There are no indications of where the wool is from or where the suit is manufactured, however the garment is shipped from China, so I would guess that’s where the suit is created. In comparison to a fairly premium suit I have from Jaeger (and others), made from Luxury British materials, the quality is inferior; However it’s worth mentioning that such quality comes at a much higher price point. The trousers come with an unusual waistband construction on the inside, with what feels like rubberised stitching which seems fairly odd.

The pocket square comes at an additional cost of £8.95, which I would not recommend, it feels very cheap, and I have had much better from high street retailers.

The Verdict

If you are looking for an excellent fitting suit and you want a specific style, pattern and colour at a reasonable price, it’s worth considering. You have to remember that a high end, British made suit will set you back a lot of money, but you will feel where that money goes. If you buy off the peg, you won’t be getting that tailored experience, so you have to decide which route you’d like to go down. If you’re looking to get into a tailored suit at a high street price, this would be a good start into your journey of tailored suiting.

Shop for your suit at Tailor4Less here.







*I received this complimentary suit from Tailor4Less to review their service

Tuesday, 1st September, 2015

Summer 2015 Is Over


Happy 1st of September!

Summer 2015 is over! We may still be in British Summer Time, but the start of September always signifies the end of summer for me. The days are getting shorter, and the nights are slowly getting longer, which means it will be starting to get dark at 5PM soon which I really hate! 🙁

I can’t quite believe we’re 9 months into the year, the summer has somehow gone, and before you know it we’ll have Christmas and New Year, 2016 will be here and I’ll be taking about the summer again! :mrgreen:

A while back I took these shots, probably the most summery ones I have….White jeans, nautical tee, linen jacket et al. Check out more of my Street Style here too.

I am wearing: H&M White Jeans, H&M T-Shirt, Mango MAN Jacket, Ray Ban Aviators, Ugg Shoes

Roll on Summer 2016 😉