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Monday, 8th October, 2018

Styling My Red And Black Buffalo Check Shirt

Red And Black Buffalo Check Shirt Style

Happy Monday guys!

As you know we had an amazing Summer, which was great, and I got to wear so many T Shirts without needing anything else. The sad part is that I hardly wore any shirts, and after buying a couple of new ones, I only wore one or two every now and then.

Now the weather is cooled down, it’s definitely time to wear them, and lucky for me, buffalo checks don’t really have a best season to wear, so I’m taking the opportunity to wear my buffalo check shirt.

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Friday, 7th September, 2018

Today’s Style: H&M Sweatshirt In Red, White & Blue

Friday Style - Red, White And Blue Sweatshirt from H&M

Happy Friday!

I hope you are well and had a good short week. Today’s style I have gone for a brand new piece of clothing I’ve literally just bought, my H&M Sweatshirt! It’s red, white and blue, and as soon as I saw it, I had to get it for myself!

You can check out the full outfit look below, but first I’ve got to talk you though the top.

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Tuesday, 4th September, 2018

Black T Shirt And Black Jeans Style

Black T Shirt And Jeans for T Shirt Tuesday

Happy T Shirt Tuesday!

This week could be the last, since we’re into September now, and it’s a bit of a Summer feature, unless we get some nice weather, judging by today, that’s not going to happen. This week I’ve gone for the all black look; A plain black T Shirt with a pair of black jeans.

All the details on the outfit are below

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Friday, 31st August, 2018

The Navy Shirt & White Jeans Combination – Men’s Outfit Idea

Navy Shirt And White Jeans Combination

Happy Friday guys!

It’s the end of August and so it’s officially the end of Summer, but we can wait for the weather to really turn before we call it a day, right? ๐Ÿ˜€ One of my favourite looks for Summer actually works in any season, You’ve seen me wearing this before but I don’t wear it too often, it’s the navy shirt and white jeans combination.

Since I got this brand new Mango Man navy shirt a few weeks ago I had to show at least one style idea using it, and like I said the navy and white look is one of my favourites, you can check the full outfit below.

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Tuesday, 28th August, 2018

T-Shirt Tuesday – White Levis Ringer T-Shirt & Black Jeans

White Levi's Ringer T Shirt For T-Shirt Tuesday

Happy T Shirt Tuesday!

It’s a bit of a weird day since yesterday was Bank Holiday Monday, that’s always the case. It feels like a Monday, but it’s not which is strange, but the good thing is that this week is shorter! ๐Ÿ˜‰ For T-Shirt Tuesday this week I’ve gone for my Levi’s Ringer T Shirt which I got a while ago but still love, and paired it with some Converse and black jeans.

You can check out the full outfit below.

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Tuesday, 21st August, 2018

T-Shirt Tuesday – Black And White Nautical Stripes

Nautical T Shirt Style for T Shirt Tuesday

Happy T-Shirt Tuesday!

Can you believe that the Summer is almost over? I am feeling kind of sad about it all, but I can’t really complain too much, because this Summer has been a good one. For this week I had to choose a Summer classic, nautical stripes in the way of a black and white striped T Shirt.

When it comes to nautical striped tees there’s a few different options. For the proper look, there has to be white present, and for the other colour it’s usually a navy or dark blue, or in this case black.

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Tuesday, 14th August, 2018

T-Shirt Tuesday: The Plain Red T-Shirt Outfit

Red Hugo Boss T Shirt For T-Shirt Tuesday

Happy T Shirt Tuesday guys!

What has happened to the weather!? Please tell me that the Summer isn’t over yet. Luckily for me, I shot these pictures when the weather was good. This week for T Shirt Tuesday it’s all about the plain red T Shirt.

I have to say I almost never wear this plain red tee, but I love it. The red is so bold and it pops, and the quality is awesome, which is what you’d expect from Hugo Boss. It’s not all about showing off logos when it comes to designer brands, and this is nice and plain, with a subtle BOSS branding to the front breast. When it comes to thinking about what to wear with red, I have to say, stick with the classics, which is what I have done.

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Tuesday, 24th July, 2018

Cheap Monday Purple Stripes For T-Shirt Tuesday

Cheap Monday Purple Stripe T Shirt For T-Shirt Tuesday

Happy T-Shirt Tuesday!

This feature couldn’t have happened at a better time. In the days where we’re seeing reports on the news and weather that it’s one of the hottest Summer’s ever, everyone is running around in nothing but a tee, and in some cases, going bare-chested (not a good look!). This week I’ve chosen my striped Cheap Monday T Shirt.

See The Full Look Below

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Tuesday, 17th July, 2018

T Shirt Tuesday! This Week’s Style: Plain White Tee

Plain White Tee For T Shirt Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!

Since the Summer is here I thought I’d do a little simple weekly style feature called T Shirt Tuesday! I know what you’re thinking, the name for the feature must have taken me ages to think of ๐Ÿ˜‰

To kick things off I have gone with a classic, a staple, and some may say boring choice of T-shirt; The humble plain white tee.

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Friday, 29th June, 2018

Diadora RB94 Blue & White T Shirts

Michael84 wearing the Diadora RB94 Olympic Blue T Shirt

I got myself a couple of new T Shirts in the sale! If you’re a regular reader of my blog you’ll have seen them before, they’re the RB94 T Shirts from Diadora.

If you’re not familiar, Diadora collaborated with Roberto Baggio on a capsule collection which was to bring back the styles of 90’s trends, in particular the USA 94 World Cup. The original collection featured a few pieces at the back end of last Summer and was limited, then shortly after a wider collection was released, including these T Shirts.

As mentioned, they’re based on the home and away shirts of the Italy football team, who played in blue and had a white away shirt. These tops are iconic, Italian football was the best in the world in the early and mid 90’s, before the Premier League really took hold. Football has always been huge in Italy, and after Italia 90, they had a real chance of winning USA 94, and got all the way to the final, before losing to Brazil on penalties. Their talisman and star Roberto Baggio missed the crucial kick, but is always remembered fondly around the world as one of the best players to play for Italy.

Since I featured these tees on the blog last year they’ve always been on my radar, and since going to Rome recently they came back into my mind, and after a quick search I found a couple from the collection which I could get, which were also on sale which was a bonus.

Michael84 Italy RB94 Diadora T Shirt

They make perfect clothing for street wear style, and as I’ve mentioned plenty of times I love 90’s trends, so these are perfect. The Italian badge is replaced with an Italian style Diadora badge, along with the Diadora wording on the opposite breast. It has tonal patterns within the shirt, synonymous with the football and sports shirts of the era. It was a tough decision whether to get the blue or white, so I ended up getting both ๐Ÿ™‚